Best Del Taco Options

Best del taco options

Best del taco options

Chicken Taco Del Carbon -- a healthy choice at Del Taco.

Since it’s the last day of our road trip, I just couldn’t resist fitting in one more healthier eating fast food experience. Today’s choice was Del Taco.

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Although there’s certainly no shortage of these franchises in California, I’ve never had the occasion to stop at one. And to be honest, I wouldn’t have gone out of my way to do it today, if they didn’t have a few healthy eating choices on their menu.

“A few” is the key concept here, as they have exactly two items on their menu that are allowable.

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But hey, that’s two more than some fast food joints have, so I was open to the new experience.

Charles and I both tried a Chicken Soft Taco (220 calories, 490 mg. sodium) and a Chicken Taco Del Carbon (150 calories, 300 mg.

Best del taco options


Del Taco's Chicken Sort Taco.

The Chicken Soft Taco was pretty filling with lots of lettuce and tomatoes mixed with some chicken and cheese in a small flour tortilla.

The chicken was cooked in a heavy salsa type sauce, and although it was fine, I prefer my chicken just grilled.

Best del taco options

They also had a very limited selection of taco sauces, and even though I tried their hottest option, it still wasn’t very hot.

A salsa bar with jalapenos would have really added to the experience.

The Chicken Taco Del Carbon is Del Taco’s version of a street taco with some chicken, onions and cilantro wrapped up in two warm corn tortillas.

The Healthiest Things You Can Order at Del Taco

Again, I think the chicken would be much better sans sauce, but it was still palatable.

On the plus side, the did offer some light lemonade as a drink option. And all in all our selections added up to a very allowable 380 calories and 790 mg.

Best del taco options


In the end it was an OK experience. I’m glad Del Taco has some healthier options, but I still put them behind, Taco Bueno, El Pollo Loco and Rubio’s in the taste department.

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It’s nice to know that it’s a option if I need it, but I probably won’t go out of my way to go back. Still, I’m glad I gave it a try – new horizons.


Best del taco options