Best Career Options After Msc Chemistry

Best career options after msc chemistry

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There are many job opportunities available in the public sector for candidates who have finished their Master’s in Chemistry.

Both the State as well as the Central Governments carries out exams for employing postgraduates with Chemistry. As a matter of fact, some of the public undertakings recruit candidates on a temporary basis by means of job recruitment agencies in each corporation.

It is also possible for M.Sc Chemistry holders with experience to get jobs with the government sector by direct recruitment. In cases like this, they don’t have to appear for an entrance exam. As there are a lot of public sector undertakings nowadays, a wide variety of opportunities are arising for postgraduates of chemistry in the public sector.

  • A candidate with a Master’s degree in Chemistry can get jobs with government chemical industries, pharmaceutical industries, factories etc.
  • It is also possible for them to join petroleum companies such as the Bharath Petroleum, Indian Oil corporation etc.
  • It is also feasible for candidates to get jobs as Lecturers or Assistant professors with top Universities or colleges if they have qualify in the NET exam.

Central Government Jobs after M.Sc in Chemistry

There are many research institutes in our country that require professionals in the field of chemistry.

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The ISRO, DRDO, Bhabha Atomic research Centre, Advanced Centre for Treatment, Research and Education in Cancer etc  take in students from M.Sc Chemistry very frequently. On top of this, the UPSC, CSIR – UGC, SSC etc carry out entrance exams for the recruitment of qualified candidates into the various departments of the government.

In addition to this candidates with M.Sc Chemistry can also appear in the Civil Service exams.

Teaching Profession in Government Sector after M.Sc in Chemistry

Candidates can seek employment with different universities that are accepted by the government of India. The University of Kerala, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Osmania University, Mahatma Gandhi University, Delhi University etc take in M.Sc chemistry graduates as lectures if they have cleared NET.

Candidates who have a B.Ed degree can go for teaching career in schools.

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As one might know, an M.Ed degree alongside NET/SET is required for candidates to apply for teaching posts in Colleges or universities. After securing any of the government jobs, the candidates can later on appear for department tests. This way, they will get promoted into higher positions.

How to prepare for exams for government jobs after M.Sc in Chemistry

As to prepare effectively for various entrance exams, each candidates need to have a good idea about the basics of the subject.

Best career options after msc chemistry

Having a very good idea about the syllabus and exam pattern will gives the students more confidence and will help to score high mark in the exam. If the candidates find any subject hard, them more time should be spent as to master in it.

Studying each topic individually will definitely help the candidates to get a better in the weak points.

Best career options after msc chemistry

They can always refer books from the library, browse the internet or ask teachers or friends in case they have doubts. Apart from this, they can also refer some good guides or reference books for the exam.

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These guides will have solved question papers. They will prove to be of great help to the candidates. It is advisable to join some good training centers as to prepare themselves thoroughly for the exams.

Coaching Centers for Competitive Exams for Government Jobs

TIME, Excellent Coaching Centers, Brilliance College, Chemistry Point, Success Point are a few of the training institutions which students can join as to prepare for the exams.



Best career options after msc chemistry