Best Bath Options For 9 Month Old

Best bath options for 9 month old


Tips for safe bathing (12 to 24 mo.)

At nine months, your baby boy must be on the go. He may be crawling, moving around, tumbling, and trying to do a variety of things. You would also be surprised at his cognitive and motor skills. During this time, he would be curious to explore things around him.

This is the time when you can pick toys that can help him use his newly learned skills and have fun.

Best bath options for 9 month old

If you are wondering what to buy for a nine-month-old baby, then read on as MomJunctionhas compiled a list of useful and fun toys for nine-month-olds. Looking to buy a toy for a nine-month-old girl? This list suits them too!


27 Best Toys For 9-Month-Old Boys

Here are some of the best toys you can consider buying for your baby.


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Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Game & Learn Controller

This toy lets you introduce your baby to the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and color. The toy can be a good choice ifyour boy likes listening to different sounds.


  • It has two musical settings for playing and learning.

    Phrases and songs are played when the baby presses the buttons.

  • It makes the baby use his fingers to press, hold, and spin, which improves his motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and dexterity.
  • It is a lightweight and colorful joystick toy that is safe and interactive for the baby to play with.


Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

Babies generally respond to music and different sounds.

This musical toy can offer musical entertainment to your baby.


  • It offers seven different melodious tunes.
  • It is powered by two AA batteries.
  • The musical tones help improvethe cognitive abilities of the baby.
  • The toy is colorful, lightweight, and easy to hold.

3. Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball

It is a unique ball that is designed to improve the developmental skills of the baby.

It helps your baby with vision, hearing, focus, and hand movements.


  • The ball has large bumps that promote easy grasping.
  • The bold patterns and bright colors help improve vision.
  • It has different rattle sounds that promote the child’s neural connection and sound differentiation abilities.


The First Years Disney Baby Bath Squirt Toys, Finding Nemo

Babies enjoy playing in the water.

And if they find colorful toys, they can have more fun.

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This baby bath set of toys comes with three squirt toys for your baby boy to play with while having a bath.


  • The three squirt toys, Nemo, Dory, and Turtle are inspired by the popular movie ‘Finding Nemo’.
  • The toys are easy to grip and can help improve the baby’s finger and hand movements.

5. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Puppy

Your baby boy can have a new friend with this toy.

This engaging toy can help your baby learn the alphabet, shapes, and more.


  • This soft toy has more than 75 in-built tunes, phrases, and songs.
  • Pressing the hands, ears, and feet of the toy makes it light up and teaches different thingsto the baby.
  • Playing with this toy, your baby can develop motor, visual, and learning skills.


Fisher-Price Baby’s First Blocks

Your baby’s problem-solving skills can be improved with this learning toy.

This toy is fun and educationalat the same time.


  • 10 blocks of different shapes and colors are to be sorted and stackedin the bucket.
  • Babies can grasp, hold, think, and match the shapes by using this learning toy.
  • The toy helps improve hand-eye coordination and focus.
  • It is a fun toy to play with,and is also easytocarry.


VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

This is a multi-purpose toy that is designed for the overall development of the baby. Your baby boy can learn to sit, stand, and walkby playing with this walker toy.


  • It is made of plastic and has wheels that function on both hard and carpet floors.
  • The walker toy has more than 70 songs, phrases, sound effects, and music to keep the baby entertained.
  • It has various fun elements such as a telephone handset, spinning rollers, piano keys, light buttons, and shapes, all of which help in improving motor skills.


Best bath options for 9 month old

VTech Drop & Go Dump Truck

This is a bright-colored toy truck that your baby can pull and push while walking or crawling. Playing with this toy is not only fun but also a good learning experience.


  • The toy has three buttons that are to be pressed to play music and phrases.
  • Your baby can learn counting and colors when putting the colorful balls in the toy truck.
  • Moving, pushing, and pulling the truck help develop the baby’s motor skills.
  • The toy is powered by two AAA batteries.


B. Toys – One Two Squeeze Baby Blocks – Building Blocks for Toddlers

These soft-textured blocks have numbers and animal figures on them, providing a fun learning experience to 9-month-old babies.

They come in a plastic bag for easy storage.


  • It includes tencolorful, super soft, hand-sculpted toy blocks.
  • Babies can press, grasp, and stack up the blocks.
  • Learning colors and numbers becomes easy with these blocks.
  • Playing with these soft blocks helps improve hand-eye coordination and motor skills.


Playskool Poppin’ Pals Pop-up Activity Toy

This hands-on playing toy can introduce your baby to animals, shapes, and colors.

The toy is designed to make learning easy and fun for your baby boy.


  • It is a portable toy with five levels that are to be pressed or pulled to pop the animals.
  • By twisting, turning, and pressing the levers, your baby can improve his motor skills.
  • The toy encourages the baby to use his fingers to discover the cute elements.


Best bath options for 9 month old

Little Tikes 2 -in- 1 Snug ‘n Secure Grow With Me Swing

This cute little swing is designed to give your infant a safe swinging experience.


  • The hinged T-bar in front of the seat safely locks his legs, while the small frame ensures that he sits firmly on the seat.
  • The shoulder straps further make him sit firmly on the seat.
  • As your son grows and learns to sit comfortably on the swing, you can remove the T-bar and safety straps.


Munchkin Bath Bobbers Toy

Some babies can be very fussy when it comes to bathing. You need to lure them to the bathtub. This bath toy might probably help you with your daily struggle of bathing a stubborn boy.


  • This watertight bath bobber toy is made of phthalate-free PVC.
  • Playing with this bobbing toy can help develop motor skills.
  • It also allows for imaginative play and makes bath time more fun.


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VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube

This cube has five sides with different toys and games.

It is an educational and interactive toy that keeps babies engaged.


  • It introduces the baby to shapes and animals.
  • The music control keys play sounds of different musical instruments.
  • Its motion sensor makes cute sounds when moved or shaken.
  • Other spinning and rotating toys on the cube help develop motor skills.


Best bath options for 9 month old

VTech Turn and Learn Driver

Fidgety babies seldom stay put. So, keep them occupied with this musical steering wheel.

As yourbaby steers the wheel,the toy plays songs or melodies.


  • The toy comes with five colorful buttons, each of which recites an animal and vehicle name.
  • The traffic signal to the right of the toy teaches kids the significance of traffic lights.
  • Pulling the signal lever produces funny sounds and music, while the center button on the steering wheel makes horn sounds.
  • Your child can learn melodies, phrases, and songs throughthis musical toy.


Melissa & Doug Take-Along Shape-Sorter Baby and Toddler Toy

Get him this little toy so he can hit and play his music.


  • This padded box comes with two activity sides.
  • One side comes with crinkly flaps that the baby can arrange according to the picture shown on it.
  • The other side is the shape sorter.

    The baby has to put the right shape in the right place.

16. Fisher-Price Soothe & Glow Seahorse

This cute little seahorse plays soothing music to lull your baby boy to a sound sleep.

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This cuddly seahorse plays soothing music. After fiveminutes the music and lights fade so the baby can sleep peacefully.


  • The soft toy plays eightlullabies and calming ocean sounds.
  • A gentle squeeze of the belly turns the music on, thus helping babies learn cause and effect.
  • Its soft and squishy body makes it perfect for cuddling.
  • It comes with volume control.
  • You can select music to play for your baby.
  • The warm yellow light emitting from the toy’s belly helps induce sleep.


VTech Musical Rhymes Book

This interactive musical rhymes book offers colorful pictures and plays classic nursery rhymes such as ‘Old Macdonald’ and ‘Little Boy Blue’. It teaches and acquaints babieswith nursery rhymes.


  • The book is made of BPA-free plastic.
  • It is durable and can withstand rough handling.
  • The music buttons and page-turning gestures help develop motor skills.
  • The book also claims to promote sensory and language development.


Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

Babies respond to sounds and lights. They might even learn to play tunes they frequently listen to. This music cube plays sounds of different musical instruments.


  • This magic cube comes with amusical button on each side.

    18 Bath Toys for Good, Clean Fun

    Each side plays a musical instrument.

  • It comes with an orchestra button that activates all five instruments at once, playing one of eight Mozart pieces.
  • It comes with volume control.
  • The cube lights up with different lights each time your baby activates a button.


Baby Einstein Octopus Orchestra

When it comes to music, little babies are all ears. What is noise to you could bemusic to their ears.

Music can captivate them, and they can even learn it in no time. This orchestra ensures that it has your baby’s attention.


  • This cute octopus-shaped orchestra plays music in two modes.
  • This musical toy helps develop listening and cognitive skills.


LeapFrog Spin and Sing Alphabet Zoo

This toy introduces the alphabet, animal names, and sounds to babies in the most colorful way.

Best Baby Bathtubs of 2020

When the little baby spins the wheel, the audio recites which alphabet and animal have stopped at the arrow.


  • This interactive spinning wheel toy comes to life when your baby presses the light-up button. Thebuttons help your boy select what he wants to listen to.
  • Every spin activates the LED lights that follow different patterns of various shapes.
  • When the music mode is on, your baby can try to sing along with the audio played.

    The songs can be about the alphabet, colors, or shapes.

21. Hohner Kids Muscial Toys MS9000 Baby Band

This toy set contains different types of rattling toys that your boy might enjoy playing with.


  • The toy set comprises a mini rainbow shaker, a baby maraca, a baby rattle, and a cage bell.
  • It comes in a transparent storage bag.
  • These toys are made from BPA-free material and are safe for kids.
  • Their size is suitable for easy grasping.



Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Crawl Around Car

Made of 100% recyclable material, this car is an environmentally friendly toy.

It is designed to suit the various growing stages of your baby.

What do i bathe my 9 month old in?

At first, your baby can explore the car and its features. A few weeks later, he can start using the advanced features of the car. And finally, he can play with it on his own.


  • The three levels enable your baby to slowly adapt to and understand thecomplicated toy.
  • It helps develop the baby’s creative thinking skills and allows for role-play.


VTech Wiggle and Crawl Ball

Carrying a fancy playset or musical toy may not be feasible when traveling.

Best bath options for 9 month old

And traveling with a nine-month-old boy without a toy is also not a favorable option. So, why not buy a good portable ball that spins, flashes colorful light, plays music, and does everything required to keep your baby engaged?


  • This brightly colored interactive ball rolls, spins,and flashesbright lights,temptingyour baby to crawl and chase it.
  • It plays numerous songs, melodies, sounds, and phrases.
  • Pressing the colorful animal buttons help develop fine motor skills.


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VTech Baby Babble and Rattle Microphone

If yousense a singer in your son from his cradle itself, perhaps this rattling microphone might help bring his singing skills to the fore.


  • This microphone produces multiple sounds.
  • When shaken, it makes a rattling sound, and when turned, it makes animal sounds.
  • The buttons on the sides activate music of different styles.
  • The light-up button plays some more music, while the puppy button makes your baby want to sing along.
  • It helps enhance listening skills, promotes imaginative play, and improves motor skills.


Munchkin Ocean Squirts Bath Toys

Water squirting toys are fun to play with. For little boys, it is a laughter-inducing game.


  • Its tiny size and soft body make it easy to hold for little kids.
  • It is suitable for bathtub games.
  • Squeezing the toy helps strengthen grip.


Sassy Pop n’ Push Car

You can encourage your baby to crawl by giving him this forward-moving car. It makes a rattling sound when moving, thus directing your boys attention to it.


  • The car moves forward making a rattling sound, which prompts your baby to crawl and chase it.
  • It does not need batteries as it works on a pullback mechanism.
  • It helps develop motor skills.


Munchkin Wind Up Swimming Penguin Bath Toy

Some babies absolutely love spending time in the water.

And when there is a cool toy to keep them company, the enjoyment level rises manifold.

The 26 Best Toys for 9-Month Olds of 2020

This cute penguin swims happily in the water.


  • This lightweight blue penguin swims in the water.
  • It encourages imaginative play and helps develop hand-eye coordination.
  • It does not require batteries as it works on windup mechanism.

How To Pick Toys For Nine-Month-Old Boys?

When babies reach a milestone of nine months, they are eager and want to try new things.

You might notice your nine-month-old trying to stand or balance, and even try to grab things. Moreover, he could be imitating you or making signals asking you for something.

All these patterns mean that he is at that stage where his emotional, cognitive, physical, and motor skills are developing. You may find plenty of toys in the market, but you should be careful in picking the right ones.

For instance, toys should not be too tiny as your baby might put them in his mouth. They should not be pointed or sharp as well.

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You need to choose interactive toys that are colorful or produce sound. This way, your nine-month-old can not only play but also learn with them.

The best toys are those that grow with the baby. Most of the toys in this list can be played with even after your little one grows over a year old. These toys not only entertain your baby but also help him learn.

Did you like any of these toys?

Best bath options for 9 month old

If yes, tell us more about your choice in the comments section below.

Disclaimer: MomJunction may earn a commission when products are purchased through affiliate links given in the article.

However, this partnership does not influence the editorial content featuring in our list.

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