What Are The Top Analysts Saying About Cryptocurrencies

What are the top analysts saying about cryptocurrencies

What are the top analysts saying about cryptocurrencies

Here it is a summary of the crypto Twitter outlook about BTC, ETH, XRP and ADA and the possible price movements in the top market cap cryptocurrencies.


DonAlt, a crypto trader and one of the best crypto analysts seems to be cautious in the short term movements. He says that unless bitcoin closes above $8,750 he remains bearish and the only comfortable level to open long positions would be $7,000.

AngeloBTC, another crypto analyst with 138,000 followers, has told their followers that he is waiting for a big drop to the $6,000 levels and that he is waiting patiently for this level to long bitcoin.

Alistair Milne has a bullish scenario, posting a chart with hopium to his 66,000 followers with bitcoin forming a descending triangle that started in September when bitcoin was at $10,500 levels.

The scenario is invalidated if bitcoin drops under $8,050.

Bitcoin has corrected by 40% the last month but it is still up by 110% this year and looking at the bull market history usually after a 40%-45% correction the bullish trend continues.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is up 3.22% at $8,222, as indicated by CoinMarketCap.


Another release of the Week in Ethereum blog report has been published.

The report talks about the most recent developments on the progress of Ethereum 2.0  and various updates on Ethereum-based platforms like MyCrypto, Compound, and Nightfall.

Vitalik Butering, co-founder of Ethereum has posted on Twitter his analysis about building a two-way bridge connecting and eth2.


Ripple which had a lot of criticism at the end of the second quarter has published a report of transparency with insights about the XRP sales, volume the company liquidity and the traction their product is getting.

Ripple reported that they are cutting 2-3 deals per week with financial institutions that want to use their payments system to make faster transactions at a lower cost.


Charles Hoskinson, Cardano creator was in an AMA yesterday talking about Shelley a proof of stake blockchain, and how this will change the world.

Shelley was launched in September and stacking testing and community voting will start before the end of this year.

Cardano aims to create a platform that can support millions of users, 250x more decentralized than bitcoin and only consume 10KW of power.

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