Wchich Cryptocurrency Should I Buy Now

Wchich cryptocurrency should i buy now

Wchich cryptocurrency should i buy now

It's hard to recommend anything because so many people are maximalists on one coin. You have people who are all about Ripple $XRP, Litecoin $LTC, Ethereum $ETH, Ethereum Classic $ETC, Dash $Dash, NEM $XEM, Bitcoin $BTC, Monero $XMR - and more, but there are die hard communities for several of coins.

Wchich cryptocurrency should i buy now

Starting with Steem was a good idea, and Twitter is great for research - just enter in those ticker symbols I mentioned and others you find along the way and read what people have to say!

I also suggest starting with a smaller exchange, because people tend to sell less when Bitcoin's price climbs - from my experience!
Personally I like Bittrex.com, but I'm from Seattle so I'm bias ;D
Other people like Poloniex, Tuxexchange, Bitfinex (lol), and crytopia.
POSWallet is also a great site once you learn about mining/staking coins!

Good luck!

It's just begun! We'll have ups and downs along the way, but long - long term is in the clouds (others will say the Moon ;) !)

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