Wat Zijn Large Cap Medium Cap En Low Cap Cryptocurrencies

Wat zijn large cap medium cap en low cap cryptocurrencies

This is something most veterans know, but the circulating and total supply of a coin is a very powerful indicator as to a coins potential. You can easily find this on coinmarketcap.com.

Let's look at why getting in early on a low supply can be a gold mine.

What is a Crypto Market Cap?

Take for example a coin with 1 billion supply and a valuation of 5 million. Now let's say coin surged for whatever reason and is now worth 10billion total market cap, each coin would be worth 10$.

Now take that same scenario with a coin that has 1 million total supply.

Wat zijn large cap medium cap en low cap cryptocurrencies

At 5 million valuation each coin is worth 5$. If 10 billion is thrown into it, each coin is now worth 10,000.

That's the power of getting in early on a coin with supply - populous is a good example of this.

I got in early for around 1$ and now it's hovering around 45-50 and has been one of my best performers.

So the moral of the post is getting in early in low supply coins can be a very lucrative strategy - obviously you have to research the coins and see if the fundamentals are good for a long term hold, or just take a gamble and hope for a pump, cause if it's pumped it will pump hard.

Take for example the coin jinn.

No one uses it let alone has really heard of it, it's only on one obscure Eastern exchange, yet the price since February 2017 has gone from 3$ to well over 1k... A fantastic roi for something relatively unpopular and for lack of a better word, useless. The reason for this roi is because jinn has 1 million total supply, a super low amount comparatively (even btc which is low has 21 million).

So I'm going to present 3 of my favorite low supply coins that have been around a while, but none the less still.have potential (as does anything in this market).

And then I'm going to present 3 low supply coins with fairly low market caps, that if you buy into now and they take off you will make exponential roi.

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Any coin with low marketcap is always more risky than a large cap, but as the saying goes there's more reward.

Now I've done what I consider due diligence into these coins, which is why I've chosen them over other low supply coins, but I'd encourage you to view this post as more of an awareness raiser for the coins, and then you go out and research then and decide if you think you you'd want to invest your money in any.

So without further adue:

My top 3 mid-large cap coins with low supply, in no particular order.

1)zcoin (xzc) - 255million market cap and a sub 4 million circulating supply.

Coins are currently valued around 65, but I see no reason this guy can't hit at least a billion in valuation. The coin was roughly 4$ 6 months ago, a 15x gain for only 250 million value.

  1. Factom (Fct) - 8.7mil supply and 355mil total value, for a coin value of 40$.

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    This is one of those projects that's technologically sound and perhaps ahead of it's time, but IMO hasn't had anything close to its full value being realized.

  1. Walton chain - this is an interesting as it's parameters may not quite fit(it's an amazing coin imo nonetheless).

    Walton's current total supply is 70million, with a max supply of 100mil, and currently has 24 million circulating supply. The reason for this disparity is.because Walton has masternodes and encourages staking, so even though the max supply is not as low as the others, I think the staking/masternode element will keep the circulating supply loe and the value high.

Now on to my top 3 low cap, low supply coins(ie some risk because they are young, but big reward).

A couple hundred could yield tens of thousands if they gain traction.

1)Genesis vision token( GVT) - total supply 4.4 million, 31 million market cap.

31 million market cap is quite low, and the coin is valued at 7-8$ a pop. I think this is one with a good concept and a solid team...

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Getting in now could offer massive roi if the coin hits billions in valuation.

  1. Everex (evx) -16.5 mil circulating supply with 25mil max. Currently 25mil total value. This is one of those coins that is really solid all around, but lacks marketing/hype.

    I get the impression this coin could be one big partnership/announcement away from mooning.

  1. Clearpoll (poll) - 7 mil current supply, 9 mil total.

    Total valuation 20 million.
    Poll is a niche coin, but it utilizes blockchain to solve a legitimate problem (internet polls being jaded by bots).

    Wat zijn large cap medium cap en low cap cryptocurrencies

    The tech is on point, team is very solid, and I feel if they can get a partnership with a big social media platform that utilizes polls (say Twitter or fb), it could blow up massively. It's already doing fairly well, up from 80 cents to 3 dollars over the past 10 days or so.

So here's some of my favorite low supply coins, take it with a grain of salt there's plenty of good coins out there.

Deep Brain Chain

Would love to see any comments with some of ya'll favorite low supply coins.

Honorable mention goes to neblio.

It's a business Enterprise/smart contract coin, so the competition is stiff - neo/Ada/stratus etc.

But this guy is only on cryptopia and if they can get 1 or 2 decent corporate clients I think it could give nice returns , it's also stakeable, about 10% roi in neblio coins just for holding them in your wallet.

Wat zijn large cap medium cap en low cap cryptocurrencies

The other potential money maker is if it gets on some of the larger exchanges, it should see some nice return as the market cap is around 50million with 13mil max supply - still quite cheap and the team is small but solid.