Should I Use A Multibot For Crypto Investing

Should i use a multibot for crypto investing

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Multibot: what’s the investor’s benefit?

Cryptocurrencies continue to stir people’s minds.

Should i use a multibot for crypto investing

It’s natural, because today it is one of the most perspective ways of earning money. People are interested in both the opportunity to invest in interesting and profitable ICO and trading digital currencies on the exchanges.
The Multibot platform is ideal for the crypto enthusiasts.


After all, investors have two opportunities to make a profit here: dividends in the form of bonuses and the Bounty program (available at the fundraising), as well as income through the use of the system functionalities when trading on exchanges.
Let’s take a closer look at the question of why our project is interesting to potential investors and why it is worth to be supported.
Multibot advantages
The cryptocurrency market today is considered fast growing.

And it is not surprising, because Bitcoin and its altcoins continue to show growth, gradually increasing capitalization. Despite this digital currencies are characterized by high volatility.

Should i use a multibot for crypto investing

Cryptocurrency trading on the crypto exchanges requires from traders the maximum involvement in the trading process and correct identification of trends.
Trading on the exchanges was always the hard deal, and with the appearance of the cryptocurrency more difficulties came around, but the rates here are also higher. For crypto-traders to have a more comfortable and successful trading on the stock exchanges, there was developed a special solution — the Multibot platform.
System created by our specialists provides users with a multifunctional set of automatic tools working with cloud technologies.

Our platform constantly monitors the situation on the crypto exchanges, which allows to remove the pressure from the trader. After all, a person can not independently monitor the market 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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But Multibot can.
Our system not only tracks the market, but also automatically operates according to the algorithm set by the user. As you can see, the advantages are obvious:
optimization of the trading process;
round-the-clock monitoring of the market situation;
automatic trading with the use of various algorithms.

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The system is able to independently perform the purchase or sale, to inform the user and transfer funds.
Due to such advantages Multibot traders get the opportunity to minimize trading risks and multiply their own capital. At the same time, they are guaranteed with an investment protection.

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After all, the human factor here is almost completely offset. The system performs an accurate calculation according to the analysis algorithms set in it and determines the optimal solution in each individual situation.
Due to the popularity of the cryptocurrency topic and its deeper integration into the society, our platform with its multifunctional set of automatic tools is in need to any crypto enthusiast. Increasing number of such people guarantees a stable growth of the Multibot audience.
That is why investing in our project is promising and far-sighted.

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And the greatest benefit can be seen at the ICO stage. Why? Let’s look at it together.
Why buying MBT tokens?
We have already started raising funds for the further development and promotion of our product.

For sale are put the Multibot system tokens (MBT). They are developed on the standard Ethereum ERC20 basis.
The token holders that will purchase the digital “coins” during the ICO will get a part of the profit earned by the system.

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The profit share applying to all active tokens will be 50%.
How will 50% of the income be paid? After the platform release, at the end of each quarter, 50% of the distributed profit will be transferred to the Ethereum wallet (ETH).

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It supports digital “coins” that are combined with the ERC20 standard (Parity, Mist, MyEtherWallet, etc.).
Then ETH will be distributed among the token holders according to the conditions prescribed in the smart contract.

The distribution will occur according to the percentage of tokens purchased by the investor from their total number.
In total the system has 25,000,000 MBT tokens.

All “coins” that will not be bought are destroyed.


The initial cost of MBT is 1 dollar for 1 token.
Let’s agree this proposal is very profitable. After all, it guarantees a constant quarterly income for investors who bought system tokens.

Should i use a multibot for crypto investing

Since their issuance is regulated by smart contracts the reliability and security of dividends can not be doubted.
However, 50% of the quarterly income is not all not everything we can offer depositors. Potential investors can get bonuses during the ICO and other benefits.
Bonuses — useful addition
Providing bonuses during the ICO is a standard practice.

However, not all projects offer their early contributors such an advantageous bonus program as we do:
in the first two days from the ICO beginning the bonus size is 25% of bonus tokens;
up to the end of the first week — 20% of bonus tokens;
during the second week — 15% of bonus tokens;
during the third week — 10% of bonus tokens;
during the fourth week — 5% bonus tokens.
On the fifth week of the ICO bonuses are no longer provided.
The minimum deposit amount is 0.0001 BTC.

Our project can also be invested with an alternative cryptocurrency. In this case, the contribution should be equivalent to all the same 0.0001 BTC.
In addition to bonuses we also offer the Bounty program, on which is allocated 2% of tokens of the total number generated in the system.

The distribution of tokens within the Bounty program will be as follows:
35% — special support of our project;
20% — advertising on forums;
15% — discussions;
10% — advertising on Facebook:
10% — advertising on Twitter.
After the ICO is ended, the token holders can trade MBT on those exchanges they will be added as trading instruments.

After the final development of the platform the system users will be able to use all of its functionality in crypto trading.
What’s the result
Our team offers potential and early investors favorable conditions for investing in the project.

Our offer in the form of 50% of the profit paid every 3 months has no analogues. Due to it the token holders can count on a stable quarterly profit.
Investing in us is more than profitable, because 50% of income for 3 months does not offer any format of the crypto investment.

In addition, our system will be in demand with all crypto traders, guaranteeing an increase in the cost of MBT tokens after they are transferred to the stock exchanges, guaranteeing increase the welfare of our investors!