Ippo Vs Takamura Arm Wrestling

Ippo vs takamura arm wrestling

Arm Wrestling Ippo vs kimura. Aoki. Takamura



Provisional Student

Gotō (後藤, Gotō) is a non-recurring character in Hajime no Ippo.

Gotō is a provisional student and a "war" buff that is quite knowledge about about WWII airplanes.

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He is a member of Kamogawa Boxing Gym.


Part I

First Step Arc

Prior to Makunouchi Ippo's match with Sanada Kazuki, Gotō helped explain to Ippo about what the "Hien" was by explaining what the aircraft with the same name was.

Ippo vs takamura arm wrestling

Later, in order to get Ippo to confess to Mashiba Kumi by Aoki Masaru, Kimura Tatsuya and Takamura Mamoru, Ippo only agreed to do it if they were able to beat him in an arm wrestling competition. Gotō took part in that arm wrestling competition, replacing Takamura.

Ippo vs takamura arm wrestling

When Kimura and Aoki got defeated, Takamura knocked out Gotō to take his place in the competition as he believed Gotō stood no chance.



Ippo vs takamura arm wrestling