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AB 1482 – Mr.

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Chiu, Are You Confused with the CPI?

Posted on 12-13-2019

One would think that if it’s the job of an Assemblyman to write a bill that impacts an entire state, then it would be done correctly the first time! Apparently, Mr.

FIWARE Wednesday Webinars - Introduction to FIWARE

Chiu, the author of “Tenant Welfare” 1482, has created a lot of confusion throughout the state by writing one thing into law while meaning another in the case of CPI calculation....

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Los Angeles Emergency Renters Relief Program

Posted on 11-5-2019

On Wednesday, October 30th, Los Angeles City approved another tenant welfare law - the Emergency Renters Relief Program.

This program is intended to aid eligible tenants facing rent increases over 8% with up to three months of rent assistance...

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Urgency Ordinances by City

Posted on 10-30-2019

In the last week, cities up and down California discussed emergency tenant protections, as a results of passing the poorly planned and poorly written AB 1482....

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Determining Maximum Allowable Increases Under AB 1482

Posted on 10-28-2019

With the inception of AB 1482, determining the maximum allowable rent increases has become a much discussed, complicated matter.


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