How To Protect Your Cryptocurrency In Depth

How to protect your cryptocurrency in depth

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I agree that it's complex for the layman, but in reality it's really simple for anyone familiar with how crypto works. Even if they didn't, I usually just explain it like this:

Your account number is made up of two parts - one part lets you view and deposit, the other lets you withdraw.

You can give the first part of your account number to anyone (if you don't mind seeing how much money you have), but you should keep the second part you keep very safe.

In fact, once people hear that the second part (the private key) allows you to withdraw, they don't even need to hear the rest.

For many people though, they don't like the idea that people who can deposit can also view amounts and transactions.

How to protect your cryptocurrency in depth

I guess that's why cryptos like Monero are worth looking into.