German Mining Cryptocurrency Discord

German mining cryptocurrency discord

How Are Mining PROFITS Now? January 8th 2020


A discord Bot for use with Bismuth cryptocurrency.

What is it?

Collaborative repo for a discord bot to be run on our Bismuth Discord server:

The specs of this bot are a WIP.
There probably will be a bounty for a python dev willing to handle the job.

Update 2018-11-26: On its way, mainly handled by @iyomisc with help from @eggdraSyl


Since Bismuth is a full python, from scratch crypto, Python has to be used for constitency.
Hopefully, a python wrapper for the Discord API exists:


Commands list


To be completed.
Bounty address:

Why that name?

For once, it's a word that was never used on our Discord, making it a valuable candidate for a Bot invocation.

Then, it's in memory of Georgius Agricola (1494-1555), known as the Father of mineralogy.
He latinized many German mining and technical words, like "Bisemutum" for the Bismuth element, from the German "Wismuth".

"Pawer" was his german birth name.

Nowadays, that would be "Bauer" ;)

So, when you'll get some tip, you'll have a thought for Georg Pawer :D

Potentially Useful resources

German mining cryptocurrency discord