Deposit With Credit Card Cryptocurrency

Deposit with credit card cryptocurrency

Accepting credit card at Bitcoin trading site makes the deposit funding a quick and easy process

There can be couple of options to load the funds to your account at a bitcoin trading platform besides credit cards including bank wire transfers, alternative payment providers and cryptocurrency funding.

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These options can be time consuming, expensive or difficult for beginners. Paying by credit card makes the account funding a piece of cake even in terms of bitcoin trading.

At several platforms offers the option to pay by VISA or Mastercard.

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Other branches are less popular. You can even use a bitcoin debit card, like Wirex, Xapo or Cryptopay card to load the funds to your account directly.

Deposit with credit card cryptocurrency

Bitcoin debit cards work like an ordinary bank card where you can spend the prefunded amount anywhere and anytime. The cards support a fiat currency and you can convert the balance into bitcoin directly.

Deposit with credit card cryptocurrency

You can also fund your bitcoin trading account with bitcoin from these bitcoin debit cards.

Advantages of Accepting Credit Card

Paying with credit card is one of the quickest solution to fund your bitcoin trading account.

Once the money is on your account, you can start trading right away as the amount appears as deposit just after you hit pay.

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Withdrawals works the same way. After adding the details of your card, the platform sends the proceeds from the trading directly to the card. This again happens quickly without the need to wait days for the bank wire transfers, so the profit you have gained from bitcoin trading can be used immediately.

Disadvantages of Accepting Credit Card

Users must be aware of the fees that are associated with paying with credit cards.

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The bitcoin trading sites namely charge users certain fees for depositing money using credit cards. Couple of bitcoin broker applies minimum payment threshold for paying with credit cards.

If you want to trade anonymously, you have to find another method to fund your account. As when using your credit card the details of the card holders are shared with the platform.

The only exception to this is if you are using an anonymous bitcoin debit card, which still allows you enough privacy.

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Bitcoin Trading Sites Allowing Credit Card Deposits accepts VISA and Mastercard as one of its payment methods.

Moreover, deposits in Russian Rubles are only allowed through credit cards.

Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges to buy with Credit Card

They do not apply mininum threshold for credit card payments, but they do suggest some minimums. The deposit costs 3.5% + a minimum fee of $0.25.

Deposit with credit card cryptocurrency

Withdrawals to credit cards cost a one time fee of $3.80 to Visa cards and 1.2% + $3.80 to Mastercard.
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All major credit card branches are accepted at SimpleFX. They limit the deposit funded by credit cards between $10 and $4000, however there is no fee loading the account.

Deposit with credit card cryptocurrency

For withdrawals to credit cards, SimpleFX charges a 4% + $10 which is considered relatively hight. They also apply a minimum withdrawal limit of $10.
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Coinbase charges 3.99% or credit card users both in terms of depositing and withdrawing funds to credit cards.
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Avatrade applies a $100 minimum deposit threshold if it is paid by credit card.

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You can withdraw funds even to their own Avatrade Mastercard.
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eToro only accepts funds which are transferred from the users own credit card, any third party transaction is returned without depositing the amount to the account. Credit card deposits are only available for users in UK and Germany up to $20,000 per transaction, they do not charge for deposits.

Deposit with credit card cryptocurrency

Withdrawals are charges based on the amount requested, the minimum payout is $20, up to $200 it costs $5, up to $500 it couss $10 and above $500 withdrawals costs $25.
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FXOpen accepts VISA, Mastercard, China UnionPay and ePayments card as credit card payments.

The VISA and Mastercard deposits costs 2.29% + $0.22 minimum fee. The withdrawals costs 2% + $7.5 per transaction. FXOpen charges zero commission to their own FXOPen Prepaid Cards.
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