Best Us Cryptocurrency Trading Broker

Best us cryptocurrency trading broker

Best us cryptocurrency trading broker

Websites In The Field Of Financial Services Often Have Restrictions For US Citizens

Many websites which offer certain financial services often don't accept citizens from the USA or at least they offer accounts with limitations.

Especially the whole field of trading and gambling is affected by this matter.

Best us cryptocurrency trading broker

And this sector is giantic, almost everywhere in the world, but especially also within the US. The reason for the restrictions is that the US government made laws which should "protect" US citizens from getting fooled or scammed and from losing their good money.

But many people think that the real reason is rather that the authorities want to make sure that those massive amounts of gambling and trading money stays within the country.

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This of course has to do with getting the taxes concerning such transactions, but also to keep the money within American companies on US territory and not to lose it to the Chinese or Russian market or whatever.

Bitcoin Trading Sites for USA

This reason sounds fairly possible – but whatever the reason may truely be – you want to be able to trade Bitcoin without any limitations. Fortunately there are quite a few bitcoin brokers which allow US citizens to signup, deposit and trade, exactly like people with any other nationality.

Best us cryptocurrency trading broker

So just check out the broker list above and compare their different features according to your needs.

Read more about trading restrictions for US citizens.

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