Basic For Buying And Investing Cryptocurrencies

Basic for buying and investing cryptocurrencies

How to Pick a Cryptocurrency to Invest in (5 Steps)

➤ Introduction

➤ Siam shared a little about his background as an investor, trader and the success he’s had.

➤ I asked Siam about his motivation and what the driving force behind him becoming a full-time trader.

➤ Siam explained the difference between trading and investing and why he only invests in Cryptocurrency.

➤Siam explained what is Cryptocurrency, how it works and how it differs from the normal currency.

➤ Siam discussed how Cryptocurrencies are bought, sold and traded along with his recommended trading platforms.

➤ I asked Siam about the difference between buying coins and mining.

➤ Siam discussed the main drivers of cryptocurrency coin movements and its continuous growth.

➤ I asked Siam if there is a cap on the available supply of coins and what will happen if there is such.

➤ Siam shared his insights about the best coins to buy and the difference between each type of coins

➤ Siam explained the different ways to buy coins.

➤ Siam provided the ways on how to set up an account and the timeframe to set it up.

➤ I asked Siam if you can still purchase Bitcoin if you don’t have £2,000.

➤ Siam discussed the different ways to store the coins and how these methods differ.

➤ [36:10] Siam shared his different investment strategies and the type of coins that are suited to these strategies.

➤ I asked Siam about the biggest mistakes he sees investors or traders making who are just getting started and how can they avoid them.

➤ Siam gave the best resources to learn about the different coins for us to stay up to date with changes in cryptocurrency.

➤ Siam shared some details about the e-commerce course that he offers that can help people get started in investing and trading with Cryptocurrencies and the results his clients are getting out of it.

➤ I asked Siam for his contact details.

➤ [48:10] Siam shared his thoughts about the future of Cryptocurrency.

➤ — End —



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