Vancouver Sun Powerview Pine Falls Cryptocurrency

Vancouver sun powerview pine falls cryptocurrency

Vancouver sun powerview pine falls cryptocurrency

You cannot pay your taxes with bitcoin, say North Vancouver Mounties.

The cryptocurrency may be making great leaps forward in value — one bitcoin currently equals about $14,730 Canadian — but the Canada Revenue Agency would still prefer you pay in regular reserve currency.  

It’s a lesson one North Vancouver resident learned the hard way, after losing $3,000 in a telephone tax scam. 

According to police, on Jan.

18, the victim received a phone call from a man alleging to be an employee of the Canada Revenue Agency. The male told the victim he owed $8,000 in unpaid taxes and would be immediately arrested and imprisoned if he hung up the phone without paying immediately.

The victim was told to make the payment using a bitcoin terminal, and made a transfer of $3,000 to a bitcoin reference code number supplied by the fake tax agent.

Sometime after making the transfer, the victim realized he’d been scammed. 


Vancouver sun powerview pine falls cryptocurrency

Richard De Jong reminds that, with tax time fast approaching, scam artists will be pulling out all the stops to trick people out of their money. 

“Also,” he added, “the CRA does NOT accept bitcoin as a method of payment.”

Anyone who needs to confirm that they’ve actually been contacted by a CRA representative can call the CRA at 1-800-959-8281 for individual concerns, or 1-800-959-5525 for business-related calls.

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