Release Of New Cryptocurrencies

Release of new cryptocurrencies


Since Bitcoin (BTC) launched in 2009, the number of cryptocurrencies has increased dramatically.

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As of mid-March 2018, there were 1,658 cryptocurrencies found on up-to-date lists, and the figure keeps growing. Of course, the vast majority of these are not worth watching, as they will remain stable or fizzle out.

The problem is that there is almost no way to know which cryptocurrencies will take off and which are just taking advantage of the crypto trend to fund a project, without any likelihood of returns.

The best choice is to do research on the project behind the crypto and the company launching it.

Even then, your research will not guarantee success.

It is impossible to concisely list all the new cryptocurrency releases in 2018 due to the sheer number of them.

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Back in January, there were only 1,384 cryptocurrencies, meaning that in just a few months, around 300 new cryptocurrencies have arrived.

Here are just some of the new releases we’ve seen so far this year and some that are to come.

Abyss (ABYSS)

Abyss markets itself as a next-generation digital distribution platform.

Abyss offers developers and gamers the chance to increase their income via its motivational referral system.

Abyss delivers a range of video game types to the global game community.

1. Ethereum

It also has a multilevel, motivational referral system that lets gamers earn crypto via social and in-game activities, plus from the payouts of other gamers.

Developers who join The Abyss reduce marketing expenses while receiving additional income from the referral payments in other games. Gamers get to earn based on joint and personal achievements and enjoy syndication to earn via joint activities.

Developers get specialized game statistics, 24/7 multilingual customer support, techniques to boost traffic, and a traffic rotation mechanism within every game.

The ABYSS token provides access and discounts.

The token sale begins April 16.

AdHive (ADH)

AdHive is the very first platform to completely automate placing ads with influencers.

Using AdHive, the time it used to take to place an ad with just one influencer can be used to place ads with 1,000 of them.

AI is a key part of this, recognizing when the influencer completes the task from the advertiser, at which point it tells the smart contract to execute payment. The goal of AdHive is to deliver a new standard for methods of native advertising, change business models for influencer marketing and ensure fast scalability.

The presale for ADH began Jan.

30 with the end of phase one for the token sale on March 14.

Release of new cryptocurrencies

The token will be listed and there will be a phase two of the token sale in Q3 and Q4 of 2018.

All Public Art (APA)

All Public Art uses blockchain power for regulation in the art world. The token, APA, makes it possible to deploy a convenient and effective method of trading art, as well as track artwork history.

This platform and cryptocurrency should minimize counterfeit art while building up trust in the art market and improving the social and economic benefits of the global art community.

This peer-to-peer network involves issuing all artists and pieces of art a unique ID for transparency and security.

Both the pre-sale and token sale take place in Q1 with the token arriving on the platform in Q3 and Q4.

CargoX (CXO)

CargoX delivers blockchain-based Smart B/L solutions for a bill of lading process that is cost-effective, reliable, fast and safe.

The decentralized platform is based on Ethereum’s network and includes future products that should improve the supply chain.

The CargoX Smart B/L solution is blockchain-based and should arrive in Q2 of 2018. API integrations will also be available, making it possible to integrate Smart B/L solutions with current business software, avoiding disruption.

Recently Added

Supporters of the project include the Republic of Slovenia’s Ministry of Infrastructure.

The token sale had a soft cap of 1.5 million USD and a hard cap of 7 million USD.


CEEK is the token sale for CEEK VR INC, an award-winning developer of software and hardware for virtual reality experiences.

It has partnerships to feature concerts from famous artists such as The Killers, Elton John, Katy Perry, U2 and Lady Gaga.

The CEEK VR environments have governance from Ethereum smart contracts, so token holders have access to tokenized “in-world” interactions, voting, contests, rewards, virtual goods and more.

Token holders can participate in the VR space to enjoy things like real-world celebrity concerts, sporting events, charity fundraisers, classroom learning, VR commerce and more.

This project aims to spread the use of VR for numerous real-world applications using the blockchain for security and transparency.

The pre-token sale started March 26, and the public crowdsale is scheduled for April 16.

Coinlancer (CL)

This blockchain platform lets freelancers find work and delivers peer-to-peer exchanges that are secure. This decentralized job platform is built on the Ethereum platform and uses blockchain technology to resolve the current issues with freelancing platforms, such as unexplained account suspensions and unaddressed disputes.

The process for using Coinlancer is simple with the client and freelancer agreeing on terms, the client depositing funds into escrow, the freelancer delivering the project, the client approving the project and, finally, the escrow disbursing the funds to the freelancer.

The Coinlancer ICO is in progress, making this a new cryptocurrency release for 2018.

Here is a limited Demo of the table

There is a total token supply of 300 million, and at the time of writing only 70,666,779 were in circulation.

Coinvest (COIN)

This is the first decentralized stock market designed for cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash, anywhere in the world. It lets users invest in either a curated index of or individual cryptonized assets.

Users create their virtual portfolio filled with the cryptocurrencies of their choice and use the Coinvest smart contracts to trade or withdraw investments.

They can then spend COIN with a debit card account.

It offers short selling, limit orders and index funds. It will add futures, margin and options trading in the future. Coinvest doesn’t require KYC or AML verification or interactions with third parties.

The Coinvest token sale had a soft cap of 1 million USD and a hard cap of 30 million USD.

Friendz (FDZ)

Friendz already has a working product with 200,000 users and 1.2 million Euro in revenue.

Release of new cryptocurrencies

The platform connects companies with people who want to help generate advertising revenue by posting content onto their social media profiles.

FDZ tokens are used to reward users who create and post content. The tokens can also be used to access services and in-app features.

List of cryptocurrencies

There are blockchain-based games that require holding FDZ as well.

The FDZ token sale lasted from March 1-20, and FDZ is an ERC20 token. The soft cap was set to 50 million FDZ with a hard cap of 750 million FDZ.

Release of new cryptocurrencies

At the end of the sale, all unsold tokens were destroyed.


SOCIFI has its own SOCIFI Engagement Solution (SES) that has the goal of delivering free data to smartphone users via ad sponsorships.

Prior to the token sale, SOCIFI analyzed more than 70 markets around the world and was ready to deploy the solution to the chosen markets within 12 to 18 months.

With GIF, SOCIFI will be able to provide sponsored data to anyone who wants it and open up a global marketplace for that sponsored data.

Release of new cryptocurrencies

The revenue from the SES app will be split between publishers and advertisers, and SOCIFI wanted to create a digital currency to be used for buying that sponsored data.

The GIF token sale lasted from Feb. 22 to March 22.


HoToKeN is the token for HotNow, a platform for discovering promotions and shops that includes integrated in-app offers. HotNow is a subsidiary of Axion Ventures, an Asian mobile and PC games developer with a lot of success under its belt.

Consumers will be able to use HTKN to access promotions and deals, while businesses will use it show their true elasticity.

The platform also features cost-effective marketing tools with high efficacy ratings. The focus of this project is in emerging Asian markets, and the platform aims to resolve the current lack of an efficient system for retailers and consumers to interact via real-time promotional offers.

The HoToKeN sale lasted from Jan.

21 to March 20.

Hurify (HUR)

Hurify Inc.

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was founded by veterans of Intel and is a decentralized platform based on Ethereum. It makes it easier for Internet of Things developers to make money in exchange for their IoT services and hardware resources using smart contracts.

The Hurify platform runs thanks to HUR tokens, which meet the ERC20 standard. This is essentially a platform in the freelance style that connects those in search of an IoT solution with developers who can provide it.

Smart contracts ensure a streamlined process and payments take place with HUR.

The Hurify token sale ended in February.

IQeon (IQN)

IQeon delivers a decentralized gaming PvP platform that combines services, applications and games based on an intelligent competition between users.

One of its goals is letting players monetize in-game achievements.

IQeon aims to take advantage of the fact that the global market for mobile smart games is $4.9 billion and that the sector of intelligent and puzzle games with mobile apps and games comes in first place in terms of time spent in the game, with each active user spending at least an hour per month.

Despite this, only 3 percent of users have figured out how to monetize in-game achievements. IQeon hopes to improve this figure.

During the ICO, IQeon raised 1,054.4 ETH, 8.42 BTC and 110.93 LTC.

KYC.Legal (KYC)

This is a new cryptocurrency release for 2018 that allows for user verification and fraud prevention.

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It uses blockchain technology to achieve these goals. Users get to enjoy protection for their personal information thanks to biometric data and encryption, the data being hosted on the user’s device and document verification using a digital sign.

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Services receive reliable user information, no duplicated or fake user profiles, KYC compliance and an ecosystem for interactions with customers.

The token sale and release for KYC.Legal is ongoing and is currently in stage 20 at the time of writing. So far, the ICO is at $27.9 million with a maximum cap of $35 million.

Paymon (PMNT)

Paymon offers its own methods of dealing with common cryptocurrency problems such as archaic architecture, high transaction fees, low speeds and scaling.

Its blockchain, Hive, should improve all types of cryptocurrency instruments.

Medium of exchange cryptocurrency

It will deliver fast transactions regardless of network load, separate blocks for every one or two transactions, have zero commissions and have miners that are network users.

Hive will allow users to conduct token sales, create businesses and then receive instant payments without commissions and integrate Hive via the API for various purposes.

Paymon’s token sale had a soft cap of $500,000 USD and a hard cap of 3.25 million USD.

The first stage of the ICO raised $672,670 USD. The second stage will begin March 30.


REMME aims to deliver a distributed Public Key Infrastructure protocol via DApps that will let devices and humans take advantage of password-less authentication.

REMME hopes to provide secure access to devices and accounts without any need for passwords and the risks that come with them, such as forgetting a password or being hacked.

Instead of using passwords, REMME generates SSL certificates for each user device, with the certificate managed via the blockchain so hackers will find it extremely difficult to use a fake certificate.

The project had a soft cap for the pre-sale of $480,000 USD and a hard cap of 20 million USD, which includes 3 million USD during the presale.

The project reached its hard cap.

Rentberry (BERRY)

Rentberry is particularly interesting in terms of blockchain technology since it began as a traditional platform for connecting landlords with tenants in 2015.

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Now, it uses smart contracts to allow for all tasks in a single platform, including the ability to do a simple online rental application, make the rental agreement, pay rent online and even split payments.

The Rentberry ICO ended on Feb.

28, but even before it began, experts said this was a new cryptocurrency release to watch in 2018. The total contribution for the token sale was $29,831,979 USD with 17,591 contributors from 136 countries and 301,528,123 tokens issued.

Safekeet (SKT)

Safekeet is developing a simple yet smart and secure digital safe deposit box that everyone can use.

The platform uses blockchain technology, which is completely decentralized and encrypted, for the utmost security and the sole ability for users to access it.

Safekeet automatically sorts documents using optical character recognition and artificial intelligence. The system can recognize and then sort tax statements, service bills and other types of documents, always keeping them secure.

SKT tokens are used to store documents or to take advantage of third-party apps via the SafeKeet App Store.

The platform is fast, secure, affordable, efficient and useful due to its organizational abilities.

The token sale ends March 31.

Saifu (SFU)

Saifu aims to provide users with a single account for all their currencies and cryptocurrencies.

The team wants to create a regulated, safe bridge connecting fiat and cryptocurrencies to enable banks, businesses and individuals to easily use crypto for a smooth transition into the digital economy.

It uses bank-grade security and the team itself has extensive security experience.

Saifu personal is already in beta, with Saifu for business in progress and plans for Saifu for banking in the works.

Saifu’s token sale had a hard cap of 49 million USD and a soft cap of 10 million USD.

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At the time of writing, the total of ICO contributions was $4,645,190 USD, not including OTC sales, with nearly 38 days left.

SocialMedia.Market (SMT)

SocialMedia.Market promotes itself as the very first decentralized ecosystem that discovers, creates, runs and analyzes advertising campaigns featuring social media influencers.

It uses blockchain technology to deliver transparent and safe marketing activities for social media bloggers and brands.

The SocialMedia.Market platform should protect against fraud, deliver fast and safe transactions, have decentralized dispute solutions, reduce operational costs and provide easy engagements and global payments.

The project is based on the fact that 92 percent of consumers will have more trust for brands that advertise with influencer marketing, and that this type of marketing tends to be more cost-effective for brands.

This token sale lasted from Feb.

9 to March 16 with a hard cap of 16,000 ETH. During the sale, the project raised 13,947.06 ETH of the hard cap. (XTRD)’s goal is bringing mature financial technologies into the cryptocurrency markets.

New Cryptocurrency Releases in 2018 will be launching a cryptocurrency exchange for institutions, traders, and funds to access the crypto markets across various exchanges but in a single application.

The project will launch as a multi-crypto exchange that stands alone, is highly robust and has high security.

The team will then launch the XTRADE Pro later in 2018 as a standalone platform with 24/7 uptime.

Release of new cryptocurrencies

Partners of the project include CEX.IO and CME Group, among others.’s token sale for XTRD lasted from Feb. 20 to March 20.


No matter the sector that interests you the most, there is a new cryptocurrency release in 2018 aimed at modernizing it.

With cryptocurrencies spanning advertising, healthcare record keeping, banking and more, there are new crypto releases for everyone.

As a crypto investor or industry member, you simply have to do your research and decide which ones grab your attention and are worth further investigation or investment.