Pro Early Investing Bitcoin

Pro early investing bitcoin


“Higher than 50% chance that a Bitcoin is worth more than a million dollars” – Paypal Board Member Wences Casares
“There is infinite upside” – Business Insider CEO Henry Blodget

Dear Reader,

Thanks to a special event on September 1, 2017, one single bitcoin in your portfolio could soon make you a millionaire.

In fact, if you run the numbers, you’ll see that “bitcoin $1 million” is actually a mathematical certainty.

I know it sounds improbable now.

But here’s the thing...

Bitcoin is still in its infancy.

Only one out of every 28,000 people own one bitcoin.

But as more and more people start to understand how big this is, the profits will be gargantuan.

Experts like Jeremy Liew, billionaire investor in Snapchat, say bitcoin will go to at least $500,000.

PayPal Board Member Wences Casares confirms there is “a higher than 50% chance that a bitcoin is worth more than $1 million.”

The biggest mistake is not to own any bitcoin,” he says.

Even Bill Gates recently declared bitcoin as “better than currency.”

In short, we’re looking at one of the most unique and rare moneymaking opportunities in history.

The only problem is...

Most people don’t understand how to buy bitcoins.

What is Early Investing?

And they certainly don’t know how to purchase the new digital currencies, like Ethereum – which has gone up 3,000% in six months.

Today, I want to show you how to do it.

I’ll reveal how a single bitcoin could make you a millionaire.

As Chandler Guo, famed angel investor says, “One is enough...

when bitcoin becomes $1,000,000.”

But today, I’ll also show you the new digital currencies that can turn as little as $10 into tens of thousands of dollars... in the blink of an eye.

Consider, this year alone, we saw gains of...

  • 5,248% in NoLimitCoin (in six days!)
  • 8,294% in Quark
  • 8,313% in MediterraneanCoin
  • 11,328% in Decred coins
  • 13,595% in FastCoin.

Tiny new digital currencies are offering profits even faster than bitcoin is!

Now, to be clear...

You don’t need to be a computer whiz for this.

You don’t need to know every detail about how digital currencies work.

And you don’t have to start actually shopping with bitcoin or anything.

Rather, you only need someone with a little know-how to show you how to set yourself up for the biggest profit ride of your life.

I personally invested early in bitcoin.

I bought 10 coins at $83.40.

And another 10 at $128.

Today, those coins have increased nearly 24 times in value.

I’ve also personally made more than 600% in one digital currency... more than 1,981% in a second... and more than 3,500% in another.

And I expect to make a whole lot more.

As Business Insider CEO Henry Blodget recently stated, “There is infinite upside.”

Digital currencies are the one place in the markets where you can start with $100 or even $10 and turn that into real money fast.

I’ve seen stories of everyday people like Kris Hansen, who turned $27 into more than $886,000.

And Marcus Andrews, who started with $300 and ended up with $80,000.

But here’s where it gets truly exciting.

Bitcoin is set to undergo a change on September 1, 2017, that could instantly accelerate the profits for all digital currencies.

The gains will be out of this world.

But only those who recognize the opportunity right now will see the fast profits.

So if you’re the type who is paralyzed by anything new...

Or you’re the kind of person who always waits until the party is over to get in...

Then you may want to sit this one out too.

But if you follow the evidence I’ll lay out in the next few minutes, I think you’ll see that bitcoin and other digital currencies are on the verge of creating new millionaires all over the world.

If you hesitate, you risk missing the greatest wealth opportunity of a generation.

Why Digital Currencies
Are Skyrocketing in Value

My name, by the way, is Adam Sharp.

I’m the Co-Founder of Early Investing, a business my partner and I created to help everyday people understand and profit from the most exciting new investments on the market.

A lot of people out there are told that the only way to grow their wealth is to buy blue chips or index funds...

Crypto Early Investing Review Is Crypto Early Investing Scam Or Legit?

and then wait 30 years for their money to slowly grow.

And while that’s all well and good for some... I’m living proof that you can increase your wealth much faster.

The key is identifying explosive opportunities in the fastest growth areas outside the stock market.

I’ve been up more than 50 times my money in private-placement deals.

My bitcoins are worth nearly 2,400% more in value than when I first got them.

And I’ve already made a fortune in digital currencies.

For example, I got in on one called Antshares earlier this year.

At the time, it was trading for just $1.50.

But I watched it climb to $10.71 in less than a month.

And I bought Ethereum at $9.70 in November 2016, before it rocketed to $355.

I was up 3,559%.

And I recently obtained 27,000 coins in a tiny digital currency for just $0.185 each.

The value of my position has since increased as much as 1,981%.

I cashed out 12,000 worth of coins at $3.50 but still hold the rest...

nearly $100,000 in total.

A lot of people out there talking about bitcoin and digital currencies don’t truly understand them.

But I’ve lived it.

I’ve made a great deal of money from it.

But there’s so much more to make going forward, we haven’t even scratched the surface.

You should look at putting a small amount of money into bitcoin.

Just one coin could one day be worth more than $1 million.

But there are also now dozens of small digital currencies...

trading for just a few cents...

Digital Currency Condition No. 1: An Experienced Development Team

that are moving up dramatically over very short periods.

Like Asch...

It traded for just $0.02 a coin. Then it shot up to $1.15.

$100 turned into $5,750.

Or NoLimitCoin...

It jumped 5,248% in six days, from June 14 to June 20.

Every $100 turned into $5,348.

Or MediterraneanCoin...

Between March 4 and June 30, it was up 8,313%.

Imagine collecting 83 times your money in just three months!

It all boils down to this...

Bitcoin has created a whole new market that’s going to only grow from here.

A single coin purchased today could go as high as $1 million.

So if you want to just buy one bitcoin and hang on to it...

there is a very real possibility you’ll end up a millionaire.

I’ll show you how you can do that today.

But if you’re interested in getting in on ultra-cheap digital currencies that have even more upside potential, the profit opportunities are endless.

With most of these digital currencies, you can get in for just a few pennies.

Yet they have the potential to rise to $10... $50... even $1,000 per coin.

The upswings are happening so fast, we can hardly keep up.

In just one week in June, 23 separate digital currencies rose more than 100%.

Let me repeat...

23 currencies doubled in ONE WEEK.

By comparison, the S&P 500 hasn’t had a single stock double this entire year.

So far, the best-performing S&P stock in 2017 is Vertex Pharmaceuticals, up only 75%.

So why is this happening?

Why are digital currencies rocketing higher?

Let me explain...

Digital Currencies Are Growing Faster Than Anything Else Right Now

The No.

1 objection I hear when I talk about bitcoin is that it has no “real value.”

Because it’s a digital currency, some people believe it’s less valuable than physical currency.

I can understand the criticism.

You can’t hold bitcoin in your hand.

Pro early investing bitcoin

And most people haven’t owned or transacted in bitcoin yet...

It’s new and misunderstood.

And people are always skeptical about new innovations.

Look at what happened when the internet was first introduced.

Magazines like Newsweek declared that it was nothing but a bunch of hype.

They made spectacularly wrong predictions like “no online database will replace your daily newspaper.”

One day, we’ll look back at some of the doubters of bitcoin and ask “How could they have been so blind?”

Because those who today believe bitcoin is just a fad haven’t really studied the situation closely enough.

It’s actually one of the most important inventions ever created.

And it has real value.

Most importantly, bitcoin and other digital currencies cannot be controlled by reckless governments and banks.

Think about the dollars in your pocket.

The government prints as many as it wants...

whenever it wants... always decreasing the value of your money.

It’s the reason the dollar has lost 97% of its value since 1913.

But by comparison, digital currencies like bitcoin have a strict limit on the creation of new coins.

So they actually go up in value.

Take a look at this chart of digital currency prices.

It’s going in the exact opposite direction of dollars.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the dollars in your pocket or your bank actually went up in value?

With digital currencies, that actually happens.

Bitcoin can also be much cheaper in terms of transaction costs.

Try to move as little as $10,000 in cash, and you’ll encounter all kinds of fees, laws and roadblocks in your way.

But bitcoin can be transferred easily in seconds.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates summed it up nicely...

“Bitcoin is exciting because it shows how cheap [money] can be,” he said during a Bloomberg TV interview.

“Bitcoin is better than currency... For large transactions, currency can get pretty inconvenient.”

Fidelity’s CEO told The Wall Street Journal that bitcoin is “a more efficient way to settle transactions.”

The smartest minds know that it’s a better way of doing business.

And the excitement surrounding digital currencies right now is getting only bigger.

Just look at this chart showing the number of bitcoin transactions taking place across the globe...

It’s going straight up.

The United States is leading the way.

We have the most bitcoin ATMs and the highest number of users.

But worldwide, it’s growing spectacularly fast.

Japan just passed legislation declaring bitcoin “legal tender.” South Korea is now one of the largest bitcoin exchange markets.

And China has become “one of the largest hubs for cryptocurrency.”

Denmark – ranked sixth in Forbes’ “100 best countries for business” – recently declared that it wants to go to 100% digital currency.

Other countries seeing massive growth in bitcoin usage include Sweden, Finland, Canada, Australia and the U.K.

And businesses across the globe are accepting digital currencies as forms of payment.

Businesses All Over the World Are Accepting Bitcoin...

Microsoft just announced that it reprogrammed its key software to accept bitcoin.

You can now use bitcoin to shop on Amazon.

Dish Network accepts bitcoin.

As does Dell Computers and Whole Foods.

The list goes on and on...

  • Subway
  • Expedia
  • Wordpress
  • Reddit
  • Virgin Galactic
  • OkCupid
  • TigerDirect
  • Tesla
  • Wikipedia
  • Zynga
  • Etsy vendors
  • Overstock
  • Bloomberg
  • Gap
  • GameStop
  • J.C.


  • Euro Pacific
  • SimplePay
  • Stripe

Every single one of these companies allows customers to use bitcoin.

It’s plain to see that digital currencies are exploding in use.

And the richest people in the world recognize the opportunity here.

The World’s Richest People Are Buying In NOW!

Mark Cuban just invested in digital currencies.

Apple’s Steve Wozniak just invested heavily in bitcoin.

Billionaire Michael Novogratz, chief investment officer at Fortress Macro Fund, called it “the best investment of my life.”

But remember, for all the incredible growth we’ve seen...

only one out of every 28,000 people own one bitcoin!

And bitcoin still makes up only 0.011% of all global money transactions.

We haven’t even scratched the surface of how big this could be.

Financial analyst Rick Falkvinge predicts a huge run from here. “Each bitcoin would be worth $100,000 at the low market cap and $1,000,000 at the high market cap.”

Some people say it’s destined to go even bigger.

McAfee Inc.

Crypto Monitor: How Much Bitcoin and Gold Should Be in Your Portfolio

founder John McAfee calculates the price of bitcoin at $2.43 million in three years.

And bitcoin expert Trace Meyer shows that if you moved just 1% of offshore cash balances into bitcoin... “you are looking at $2.8 million per bitcoin.”

I repeat...

That’s $2.8 MILLION for one... single... bitcoin.

Yet... more than 99% of investors are still sitting on the sidelines.

And they are going to watch the few people who act immediately collect all the rewards.

Digital currencies are delivering profits like never before...

And if you identify the right ones, you could make more money in a few months than you would in an entire lifetime of investing.

Just look at Ethereum...

40,682% in 18 Months on Ethereum

It’s now the second-biggest digital currency behind bitcoin.

Ethereum is a form of “smart money” that is far more secure than traditional dollars, euros, or even gold.

That security is the very reason JPMorgan, Microsoft and Intel backed it.

Back in January 2016, Ethereum was trading for just $0.96 per coin.

So you could have had 1,000 Ethereum coins for just $960.

But here’s what happened next...

By April, it was up to $7.42.

1,000 coins = $7,420.

In September, it reached $12.68. 1,000 coins = $12,680.

Come March 2017, it was up to $29.92.

1,000 coins = $29,920.

On May 22, coins traded for $186.89. 1,000 coins = $186,890.

And by June 13, 2017, it peaked at $391.51.

Your 1,000 coins would have grown from $960 to $391,510!

That’s an exceptional 40,682% return in 18 months.

To give you some idea of how crazy that is...

consider this...

Google’s TOTAL return since it started trading is just 1,682%.

Ethereum returned 24 times more profit in just 18 months!

But here’s the thing...

What Ethereum experienced is just beginning in other digital currencies.

We’re seeing dozens of new coins explode in value very quickly.

Asch Delivers 5,683% in 80 days!

Take Asch for example.

It’s a new coin that launched on April 1, 2017.

Almost nobody had ever heard of it.

So it traded for just $0.02 per coin.

At that price, you could have taken a flyer on it and purchased 5,000 coins for just $100.

Just 80 days later, Asch coins were trading 5,650% higher.

And your single $100 bill would have grown to $5,750 in less than three months!

13,595% in Four Months on FastCoin!

Or take another digital currency like FastCoin.

In February 2017, it was so cheap that a tiny $100 investment landed you several thousand FastCoins.

All you had to do is leave those coins sitting in your account and wait.

Four months later, here’s what had happened...

Your $100 had turned into $13,695.

$500 would have been worth $68,475.

And $1,000 would have grown to $136,950!

Let me give you an even better example...

Look at What Happened When They Launched a New Digital Currency in Dubai!

One of the things I love about digital currencies is that they are so incredibly cheap.

That means that you can often buy thousands of coins for just a few hundred dollars.

And if those coins soar in value, you can become incredibly wealthy.

DubaiCoin is a perfect example.

It launched on March 7, 2016.

And at the time, every $1 got you more than 1,000 DubaiCoins.

So let’s say you wanted to just give it a shot and put $10 down.

$10 bought you 10,941 coins.

Then you forgot about them.

You went about your business for more than a year, until one day you check your account to find...

Your $10 in DubaiCoin is now worth $82,385!

That’s how powerful these digital currencies can be.

A single $10 bill turns into nearly $100,000.

And if you had decided to get a little more aggressive and invest say $200...

you’d be sitting on $1.6 million today!

I could name dozens of coins that delivered massive results like...

  • Quark... up 8,294%
  • WorldCoin... up 6,792%
  • Cryptonite... up 75,063%
  • Influxcoin... up 59,577%.

$100 put into each of those digital currencies could have handed you a total of $150,126.

Of course, you'd need excellent timing to get in at the beginning of all four of these.

And not every digital currency is going to work out.

But can you show me one other investment sector that gives you the chance to make so much while risking so little?

Especially when you have access to someone like me...

who identified these winners long before the mainstream media did.

Only in digital currencies will a single $100 bill have the potential to make you rich.

In fact, with bitcoin itself, just $100 invested seven years ago...

First Stage Investor – Early Bitcoin Millionaire Cryptocurrency Trading?

would be worth $75 million today!

Regular People Can Become Millionaires Over Night From Digital Currencies...

People’s lives are changing very quickly because of digital currency profits.

Take Charles St.


He was working a boring banking job when he decided to invest $7K in bitcoin.

Since then, “I’ve made a little more than $300K,” he says.

Now Charles has quit his banking job to start his own business.

He’s living the American Dream.

Or look at Marcus Andrews.

In two years, he turned $300 into $80K and counting.

But he believes that bitcoin still has a long way to go.

“We're still in the ‘early adopters’ phase of the curve,” he says.

“Once it goes mainstream (it is not anywhere close to this yet), the price should actually take off.”

Or take the story of Kris Hansen out of Norway.

Back in 2009, he was writing a paper about new digital currencies.

During his research, he discovered bitcoin and bought just $27 worth.

He promptly forgot about it and didn’t even look at his account again until years later.

By then, his $27 investment had grown to $886,000.

He sold a fifth of it to buy a nice apartment in one of the wealthy areas of Norway’s capital.

These are stories you don’t see in any market except digital currencies.

$27 would never give you the chance to be a near millionaire in the stock market.

My belief is that everyone should own at least one bitcoin because, as the No.

1 digital currency, it has a real chance of going to $1 million.

But you also should get in on those other digital currencies that can deliver even faster profits.

And I’ve found several that I believe could return many times your money in the months ahead.

But you must act quickly on this.

Only one out of every 28,000 people own bitcoin now, but that number will soon rise dramatically.

Consider, in just the past month alone, 1 million new users joined the major bitcoin exchange, Coinbase.

People are finally waking up to the potential here.

This is the last chance at the biggest profits...

Especially because a coming event on September 1, 2017, is set to take every one of these digital currencies much higher.

But before I get into that...

let me explain to you exactly why digital currencies rise in value so quickly...

The Hard Limit on the Production of Digital Currencies

It comes down to simple mathematics.

You see, unlike paper currency... bitcoin and other digital currencies have a fixed limit on the creation of new coins.

They have to be “mined” by computers with very strong computing power.

And over time, the equation behind bitcoin automatically cuts in half the production of new coins.

So when bitcoin first began, you could mine only 50 new bitcoins at a time.

Then it was cut in half to 25 bitcoins.

And in 2016, it was just 12.5.

Creation of new coins will continue to get cut in half...

until it eventually hits ZERO.

And after that, no new bitcoins will be created EVER.

As TechCrunch reports, “When the code for bitcoin was written, it was designed to be a currency with no more than 21 million bitcoins ever in circulation.”

That’s 21 million bitcoins MAX...

which may sound like a lot.

But of the 21 million possible coins, 16.5 million have already been mined and are in circulation.

That means, of all the bitcoins there will ever be, 78.5% are already out there.

Very few new bitcoins will be created going forward.

By comparison, the U.S.

Bureau of Engraving and Printing prints up $541 million each DAY!

Pro early investing bitcoin

That's $197 billion each year!

No wonder the dollar keeps dropping in value!

So think about this from an investment perspective.

With dollars, the government creates more and more every day...

with no end in sight.

With gold, yes it has real value.

How To Make Money From Bitcoin 2019 - Coinbase Pro and Binance Review

But new gold can also be pulled out of the ground. And more is mined every year – 2,500 tons of it in fact.

But with bitcoin, you know that once it hits the limit, no bitcoin will ever be created again.

That’s why the price is going up so fast...

and why it will go much higher still.

As bitcoin approaches its hard limit of 21 million coins, the price will really rocket higher.

Transactions in bitcoin have continued rising very quickly...

But right now, bitcoin still only makes up 0.011% of daily money transactions...

For now, it’s still in its infancy.

But we calculate that if bitcoin grows to just 1% of all transactions each day – which many experts think is conservative – it will have to rise to $227,272 per coin to meet the demand.

If bitcoin captures a mere 5% of daily transactions, it will rise to $1.136 million per coin!

That’s why every investor should own at least one bitcoin as part of their portfolio.

Make no mistake, I don’t believe you should plow everything you have into bitcoin.

But if you could buy one bitcoin and give yourself the chance to see it grow to $1 million, it would be foolish to pass up that opportunity.

Better yet, if you can identify two or three new digital currencies, where you can put in $100 or even $10 and give yourself the chance to make hundreds of thousands, you absolutely should do it.

And I can show you the three digital currencies with the best chance of success.

But you need to act before September 1, 2017, to give yourself the chance at 100 times your money or better in just the next few months.

It’s happened over and over again already.

Real-World Profit Example No.

Should You Invest in Bitcoin? Here are the Pros and Cons

1: Decred Coins Go From $0.42 to $48 in Six Months!

Everyone is so focused on bitcoin and Ethereum that they are often missing the smaller guys who are delivering huge profits.

Decred coins are a prime example.

They are designed to make it even easier to invest in and use digital currencies.

It’s now compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.

In December, you could have collected Decred coins for just $0.42 each.

You can easily buy quite a few coins at that price.

For example, with $500, you could have purchased 1,190 coins.

Then all you had to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

Six months later, Decred coins were $48 each.

Your 1,190 coins – that you got for just $500 – were suddenly worth $57,142.

That’s a six-month return of 11,328%!

Or look at the story behind Golem coins.

Real-World Profit Example No.

2: Start the New Year With 75 Times Your Money on Golem Coins

Picture for a minute that it’s the morning of January 1, 2017.

You wake up... go to your computer and make a small purchase.

You put $500 into the little-known digital currency called Golem coins.

At about 100 coins per $1, your $500 gets you 54,513 coins.

A big haul...

especially considering what happened to those coins next.

Little did you know that just a few months later, Golem coins would be the 10th most valuable digital currency in the world.

By mid-June, the price of the coins had increased more than 75-fold.

And your $500 investment turned into $37,866!

That’s a return of 7,477% in six months.

At a generous 10% per year, it would take you more than 45 years to match that return through the stock market!

That’s why digital currencies are so amazing RIGHT NOW...

The prices are so low that they can multiply very quickly.

And here’s what else I really love about digital currencies...

Real-World Profit Example No.

3: Even $10 Can Hand You a Huge Payday With MaxCoins!

Even with $10, you can make some real money.

Look at MaxCoin.

On February 2, 2017, it was so cheap, you could have received 31,645 MaxCoins for just $10.

Of course, there’s some risk there.

MaxCoin at the time was an unknown digital currency.

But hey, if you lose $10, I think you’ll agree it’s no big deal.

And with MaxCoin, you wouldn’t have lost your $10.

Far from it.

Four months later, it was trading more than 600 times higher.

Your $10 would have grown to $6,055.

Pretty amazing, I’d say.

In what other investment sector could $10 hand you $6,000 in four months?

Today, I’ve shown you dozens of examples where $10...

$100... or $500 grew into huge fortunes.

Yes, there is risk in digital currencies.

Early Investing Review – Legit Cryptocurrency Venture?

And I wouldn’t recommend anyone put in more than they can afford to lose.

But when you can risk just $10 and still potentially come away with real money, there is no reason whatsoever to miss out on these opportunities.

And remember, these gains almost came without ANY of the regular public knowing about them.

Have you ever seen a news article about MaxCoin, Decred, DubaiCoin or any of the other rare digital currencies I mentioned today?


Because they still are in the extreme early stages of their growth.

The gains could get even bigger after September 1, 2017.

So now is the time to act.

Again, I recommend that everyone own at least one bitcoin, which could go to $1 million.

And you’re free to do whatever you like with the proceeds.

Whether that’s to buy a new house, like Kris Hansen did after he turned $27 into $886,000...

Or to quit a dull job, like Charles St.

Claire did...

He turned $7K into $300K and then decided to start his own business...

One coin could give you the freedom to take control of your life.

But if you continue sitting on the sidelines waiting to see what happens, you’ll probably never achieve your dreams.

You need to act before the event on September 1, 2017, that will kick-start even bigger profits.

Here’s why...

Bitcoin Has One Major Problem.

But on September 1, 2017... It Will Be Fixed.

I’ll admit, there is one major problem holding bitcoin back.

It’s one of the reasons it’s not trading even higher already.

And that is that right now, there is a limit on how many transactions can take place each minute.

It was built into the original code because nobody had any idea how big bitcoin would become when it started.

Right now, Bitcoin can handle about 240 transactions per minute.

By comparison, PayPal can handle more than 11,000 transactions per minute.

In short, PayPal simply has the infrastructure to handle far more users than bitcoin does.

This is one of the key reasons why bitcoin is only owned by one out of every 28,000 people (so far).

It’s naturally limited.

But on September 1, 2017, that’s about to change.

A new update to the technology will increase the ability of bitcoin to process far more transactions every minute.

This will open up the doors to much more widespread use of bitcoin...

and far more businesses accepting the currency worldwide.

For example, 260,000 new businesses are now set to accept bitcoin going forward.

This will increase demand for bitcoin to an unprecedented level.

And the price may never be as cheap again.

That’s why I recommend that you move just a small portion of your portfolio and buy one bitcoin.

You’ll give yourself a real chance at $1 million without risking too much.

I’d like to send you my new guide: “How to Become the Next Bitcoin Millionaire.”

In the guide, I’ll walk you through how to set up your bitcoin wallet and purchase your first coin...

or even a fraction of a coin if you want to start small.

I’ll answer the most common questions and show you how to get started in the simplest way possible.

I can send it directly to your inbox in the next few minutes.

But remember, this big change coming on September 1 will also help the other digital currencies increase in value even faster.

We could see many go from just pennies to hundreds of dollars.

And there are three digital currencies in particular that I consider to be “must own” currencies.

The chance to get 100X or even 1,000X gains is real here.


just this year we’ve seen...

  • 8,294% in Quark
  • 13,595% in FastCoin
  • 5,683% in Asch
  • 8,313% in MediterraneanCoin
  • 5,248% in NoLimitCoin
  • 6,045% in MaxCoin
  • 7,477% in Golem coins
  • 11,328% in Decred coins
  • 6,792% in WorldCoin
  • 75,063% in Cryptonite
  • 59,577% in Influxcoin
  • And 823,750% in DubaiCoins!

If you had risked just $10 in each of those 12 coins, you’d have $103,116 today.

$100 in each, and your bank account would see an increase of $1,031,165.

In other words, you could be a millionaire today...

The key is simply identifying those with the biggest chance of success...

and putting small investments in each.

So let me give you the few things I look for that help me identify the biggest winners.

How I Identify the Biggest Digital Currency Winners...

There are many new digital currencies launched every month in “initial coin offerings,” or ICOs.

Often, the ICO is the time when you can get in at the best prices... perhaps for just a few pennies.

And as The Wall Street Journal reports that “initial coin offerings are exploding in value."

Now, they do move up and down – sometimes dramatically.

It’s not a straight shot up.

And there are some ICOs that are going to fail, just as there are some stocks that go bust.

Some ICOs are poorly run...

and aren’t ready to handle very fast growth.

While others will go up as much as 1,000X.

So we must avoid the losers and hit the winners.

What I’ve done is built a system to identify the coins with the biggest chance of delivering 10... 100... even 1,000X your money very quickly.

There are 10 “must have” conditions for a successful digital currency.

Three of them I can’t reveal here.

They are critical components to my system that I can’t give out.

But the other seven are very important.

When a digital currency meets these conditions, it’s a recipe for very fast growth.

And I’ll show you what they are.

Digital Currency Condition No. 1: An Experienced Development Team

The primary coders behind the currency must be knowledgeable, competent and serious about their mission.

Digital Currency Condition No.

2: Fair Distribution Structure

I only want to invest in coins that are available to investors at great prices.

Who is Behind Early Investing?

If the developers want to reward themselves with the bulk of the coins, then I know it’s unlikely to be a good deal.

Digital Currency Condition No. 3: Wide Use

This one is crucial. If nobody uses the coin, it’s not likely to grow in value. But if its use is widespread, it’s going to go up in value very quickly.

Digital Currency Condition No.

4: Scale

In order for these coins to grow in value, they have to be able to handle thousands of transactions.

So I only look for coins that are prepared for a huge influx of users.

Digital Currency Condition No.

5: Security

Between cyberattacks, identity theft and government spying, it often seems like there is no privacy left.

However, many digital currencies offer security and privacy unlike any other type of money.

And the most secure digital currencies are the ones that often get the most users.

Digital Currency Condition No.

6: Great Price

I want to be able to get in very cheap. That way, I can put in just a few dollars and have the chance at a massive return in a short period.

Digital Currency Condition No. 7: Social Activity

It’s very important to see how much people are talking about a new digital currency.

If bitcoin investors are discussing it heavily on message boards...

if news organizations are writing articles about it... if it’s Google searches are rising dramatically... that means word of mouth is spreading.

And a big move is imminent.

This one is absolutely vital and almost always leads to very big gains.

Now, three digital currencies in particular fit my criteria right now.

They are the types where you can put in $10 or $100 and still give yourself the chance for thousands in reward.

And I’ve put together a new dossier detailing each one.

It’s called “How to Score a Massive Fortune on the Next Three Digital Currency Superstars.”

My manual will give you the names of the three currencies.

It will explain how to buy them... how to mitigate risk... and how long you should hold on before exiting with a profit.

You’ll get details on one new digital currency that experts say “could be worth more than bitcoin very soon.”

Inc. calls it “a grand slam for tech.”

And companies all over the country are starting to use this digital currency.

In fact, 86 big corporations recently signed on to an agreement to use it.

And Barclays even started using this same type of technology in its own trading.

It’s been called the “next hot thing in cryptocurrencies” and “the digital currency of the moment.”

The bottom line is...

You need to get a few dollars into it today.

But in my guide “How to Score a Massive Fortune on the Next Three Digital Currency Superstars,” you’ll also get access to two more.

It’s the second one that I’m most excited about.

For as much as I love bitcoin, this second digital currency I’m recommending could eventually overtake it in value.

That means it has a chance to go to $1 million as well.

But from a much lower starting point.

And that means much higher profit potential for you.

This could be one that turns every $100 into $1 million or more.


Because this digital currency has proven it’s possible to transfer money at perhaps the fastest pace ever...

and with the lowest costs.

In May, the first ever “lightning transfer” was completed using this currency to send money between Zurich and San Francisco... in a fraction of a second.

And why is that important?

Imagine for a second that you’re a Wall Street trader and you need to make trades and transfer cash as fast as possible.

Now imagine that by using this digital currency, you can speed that process up to the fastest ever completed.

You’d have a huge trading advantage.

And that’s why I expect this digital currency to become widely used in the months ahead.

I’ll explain the easy way to buy this coin in my report.

Plus there’s a third digital currency I want to tell you about as well.

This one is the most speculative.

But it also has the highest profit potential.

Currently, it trades for just around $0.15 per coin.

So every $100 you invest would get you 667 coins.

The goal of the developers of this currency is to create new money based on "financial freedom [and] decentralization."

And it’s catching on fast.

  • The developers just announced a $40 million global development plan.
  • They just partnered with the group that built Australia’s largest bitcoin exchange.
  • This gives them access to the biggest growth markets for digital currencies in Asia.
  • Users are soaring.
  • The price recently doubled in one week.

But it’s not even close to where it’s going.

It could go up 100-fold and still be considered cheap.

You’ll find out everything you need to know in my report.

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Digital Currencies Are Growing Faster Than Anything Else Right Now

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Become the Next Bitcoin Millionaire!

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The goal of this service is simple.

I want to help you get in on these digital currencies in the first stage before the biggest profits are taken.

Each month in First Stage Investor, I’ll talk about new opportunities outside the stock market.

I’ll tell you about digital currencies trading for just a few pennies...

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I’ll walk you through how to set up your digital wallet... how to spread your small investments in the most profit-packed opportunities... and I’ll alert you when it’s time to cash out.

But that’s not all.

With First Stage Investor, I also like to show people how to get in on tiny private companies that offer gains you just can’t find in the stock market anymore.

I’m talking about companies like...

  • Airbnb...

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  • Stripe...

    Does etrade trade bitcoin

    up 1,624%

  • Dropbox... up 1,547%
  • Spotify... up 750%
  • Razer... up 1,100%.

Many of the biggest gains have moved outside the public markets and into the private markets.

But until recently, the SEC mandated that only high net worth individuals could get stakes in private startups.

However, with the JOBS Act, Congress finally made it possible to get in on some of these types of plays WITHOUT being an accredited investor.

Now, there’s no doubt that in the private equity and digital currency markets, you’ll also find risky investments.

I go into these markets with both eyes open, knowing not everything will work out.

However, I believe the chance to put in a few hundred dollars and make perhaps millions far outweighs the risk.

Because the profits here will be unlike anything we’ve seen in stocks...

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Digital currencies today trading for just a few pennies could be the next bitcoin or Ethereum.

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My partner Andy Gordon and I have put together a new report showing you how to get in on exciting new startups like Dropbox (now worth $10 billion), Spotify (now worth $8.5 billion) or Airbnb (now worth $31 billion)...

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We’ll show you how to get the chance at these huge gains very early, in the first stage of development.

My latest online investing guide, “The Best Places to Invest Online: Portals to Find High-Quality Equity Crowdfunding Deals,” is available now.

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Bonus Report No.

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This one is really shocking.

I couldn’t believe it myself when I discovered it.

Normally, capital gains are taxed at least 15%... and sometimes as high as 39.4% if they are short term.

But with startup investing, there is a way to pay zero federal taxes on your profits.

The details are covered in Section 1202 of the Internal Revenue Code.

There are six specific rules you have to follow.

For example, you can skip paying taxes only on gains of less than $10 million.

Anything more than that is not exempt.

You also have to have purchased the investment AFTER September 27, 2010...

which shouldn’t be a problem.

This incredible tax loophole is just one more reason we believe so many investors are finding private investing to be far more rewarding than the public stock markets are.

On a $1 million capital gain, this loophole could save you anywhere from $150,000 to $396,000!

It’s well worth it.

And I’ve detailed what you need to know...

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You’ll find out how to collect these tax-free gains in my new report “How to Build a Multimillion-Dollar Portfolio – Entirely Tax-Free.”

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Bonus Report No.

What Is First Stage Investor?

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Look, anybody out there can tell you why the Dow is up 50 points or down 70.

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October 2020 ipo calendar

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August 2017

P.S. The big event hits September 1, 2017.

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