How To Invest 500 Dollars In Bitcoin

How to invest 500 dollars in bitcoin

When investing in bitcoins can you lose any more than the total amount of currency with which you invested?

Gentlemen, I see my original question has caused a bit of debate.


I have been asked by someone to be more specific as the question seems to be causing some confusion. Let me give an example. If I invest 500 US dollars into buying bitcoins; let's say this is not money loaned, but my own money from my own personal savings account; let's also say that I do not trade or buy anything with these bitcoins.

How to invest 500 dollars in bitcoin

This is purely a financial investment with the hope of gaining a return one day of say, 600 US dollars; is it possible (maybe even likely?) that I could lose not just the 500 dollars invested, but also more than this, say 520, 550 or 600 dollars?

You experts, please take account of all possible scenarios, fees and other hidden costs when answering my question. Thanks!

How to invest 500 dollars in bitcoin