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Global Technology News for 5 Apr 2018

Facebook data of over 300,000 Australians hit in data scandal - CNET

CNET - 5 Apr 2018 03:51

The country was hit the 10th hardest in the Cambridge Analytica scandal that has rocked Facebook over the past month.

HTC pool selfie advert banned because the U11 can't dive like Tom Daley

Digital Trends - 5 Apr 2018 16:26

An advert for the HTC U11 has been banned following accusations that the short video inflated the capabilities of the phone by showing it being used in a chlorinated swimming pool by an Olympic diver....

The post HTC pool selfie advert banned because the U11 can’t dive like Tom Daley appeared first on Digital Trends.

Protein Derived From Parasitic Worms Shows Potential Against Crippling Bladder Disease

Tech Times - 5 Apr 2018 05:48

Chemotherapy patients often develop hemorrhagic cystitis, a painful bladder disease that can lead to death.

Existing treatments are limited but scientists recently discovered an alternative derived... from a parasitic worm.

50 perfectly-preserved dinosaur footprints have scientists freaking out

BGR - 5 Apr 2018 05:34

Dozens of giant dinosaur footprints have been discovered on a remote Scottish island, shedding light on period of dinosaur evolution which relatively little is known about.

The prints were made 170... million years ago, in what is now a muddy lagoon on Scotland's Isle of Skye.

The prints were discovered in an area that's impacted by tidal movement and weathering, which makes the detail even more impressive. Analysis of the prints allowed researchers to clearly determine the shape and orientation of toes, as well as the presence of claws.

The prints were made mostly by four-legged sauropods, which were 10 to 15 meters in length and weighed 15,000 pounds.

GPS Failed

Some three-clawed prints are attributed to theropods, a smaller carnivorous dinosaur. "This tracksite is the second discovery of sauropod...

Lockheed Martin is building a quieter supersonic jet

USA Today - 5 Apr 2018 03:23

Thanks to NASA.

Europe's new privacy law must work because Facebook didn't want to roll out worldwide changes initially

BGR - 5 Apr 2018 02:00

If you're a Facebook user in Europe, you're about to get a better handle on your data thanks to a new privacy law that will take effect on May 25th.

Called the General Data Protection Regulation...

(GDPR), the legal initiative will give Europeans the right to know what data internet companies hold about them and the right to have it deleted. GDPR must be really good because Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg said initially that while Facebook will comply with the law in Europe, the company won't implement it in any other markets. He then changed his spirit rather quickly.

Hajime no ippo mangaafter new challenge

Zuckerberg told Reuters that Facebook will comply with GDPR "in spirit" in the markets where it's not forced to do it, like the US. "We're still nailing down details on this, but it should directionally be, in spirit, the whole...

Daughter's April Fools Proposal Gets Priceless Reaction from Dad

Twisted Sifter - 5 Apr 2018 18:06

When a boy in crocs proposes to your teenage daughter

Verge cryptocurrency hack shows, no, blockchain isn't invincible

Mashable - 5 Apr 2018 17:02

Privacy-oriented cryptocurrency Verge (symbol: XVG) was apparently hacked Wednesday, with the attacker making off with around 250,000 coins with a value of roughly $15,000 (though some reports go as...

high as $1 million). Compared to some recent crypto-related hacks, this attack was particularly nasty as it compromised the integrity of Verge's blockchain. SEE ALSO: Cryptocurrency exchange puts $250,000 bounty on hackers The attack was discovered by ocminer, a poster on Bitcointalk forums (via Bitcoin.com), on Wednesday afternoon.

According to him, a hacker used "several bugs" in Verge's code to mine an extraordinarily large number of new blocks in Verge's blockchain, thus rewarding himself with a lot of Verge coins.

European central bank report on cryptocurrencies

Online privacy must improve after the Facebook data uproar

Phys.org - 5 Apr 2018 17:00

I, like millions of others, have willingly given up some of my privacy to Facebook to achieve a sense of connection across cultures, time zones and generations.

But revelations of the alleged sale and...

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misuse of Facebook data by Cambridge Analytica has left me feeling betrayed.

The Making of 'Pillars of Creation,' One of the Most Amazing Images of Our Universe

Gizmodo - 5 Apr 2018 17:00

Pretty Scientific is a new Gizmodo series where we explore how the best images in science were created and why.

1.5 bn sensitive documents on open internet: researchers

Phys.org - 5 Apr 2018 16:59

Some 1.5 billion sensitive online files, from pay stubs to medical scans to patent applications, are visible on the open internet, security researchers said Thursday.

NVIDIA GTC proves investment in developers can pay dividends

TechPinions - 5 Apr 2018 16:56

Reading Time: 4 minutesLast week NVIDIA hosted its annual GPU Technology Conference in San Jose and I attended the event to learn about what technologies and innovations the company was planning for...

2018 and beyond. NVIDIA outlined its advancements in many of its growing markets including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and autonomous driving.

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We even saw new announcements…

NASA Has a Plan to Put Robot Bees on Mars

SPACE.com - 5 Apr 2018 16:54

These Marsbees would flap their way around the Red Planet, mapping the terrain and collecting air samples.

Could Boeing's 'Starliner' Spacecraft Be a Next Step for Reaching the Moon and Beyond?

SPACE.com - 5 Apr 2018 16:54

The space travel of science fiction could be closer than you think.

The Universe Is Not in Danger of Ending From a Higgs Boson Vacuum Bubble

Gizmodo - 5 Apr 2018 16:53

There are few easier ways to get people to read your website than to scare them.

That's how we ended up with the media frenzy surrounding Tiangong-1, and it's why InfoWars continues to exist. It's... also how we've ended up with folks telling you the universe is due to end.

Bestandteil steering group ipo

Heck, we're guilty ourselves.

Spotify's challenge is to prove it's a real business, not a fantasy

Engadget - 5 Apr 2018 16:30

Three months after quietly filing to become a public company, Spotify finally made its debut on the New York Stock Exchange Tuesday.

It was a big day for the Swedish music-streaming giant, to say the...

The Globe and Mail

least, and it ended up exceeding expectations from...

Hey, Maybe Don't Make the YouTube Shooting About YouTube Ad Revenue

Gizmodo - 5 Apr 2018 16:25

Authorities have identified the suspect in the mass shooting at YouTube's headquarters, which ended in four injuries and the death of the shooter, as YouTuber Nasim Aghdam, who made videos about...

topics ranging from animal rights and veganism to bodybuilding.

Virgin Orbit aims to offer responsive launch and constellation maintenance services

Space News - 5 Apr 2018 16:06

Virgin Orbit plans to offer customers a variety of services including responsive launch, maintenance of large satellite constellations and potentially debris removal.


Microsoft HoloLens 2 will have these big changes

Slash Gear - 5 Apr 2018 04:58

Microsoft got a huge lead in the augmented reality, or mixed reality rather, market, showing off how its HoloLens and Windows Holographic, now Windows Mixed Reality, system could prove to be more... practical and useful than virtual reality.


It may have, however, rested far too long on its laurels and now a big competitor is just around the corner. That …

Google Fuchsia OS demo lets you test the future in your browser

Slash Gear - 5 Apr 2018 04:18

Google is known, even notorious, for having so many overlapping projects and moonshots on its plate.

Even while both Android and Chrome OS fight for consumers' affection (and wallets), it is believed... to be working on a third wheel.

Technology News

At one point it was nicknamed "Andromeda", a fusion of the two. Now that third OS is believed to be Fuchsia, …

Apple publishes iPad tutorial videos on Pencil, Files and more

Slash Gear - 5 Apr 2018 01:35

Apple has released a handful of tutorial videos that show new iPad owners how to proficiently use their new tablet.

This isn’t the first time Apple has released instructional videos; it did... something similar for the iPhone camera, for example. The videos are short, simple, and no doubt exist to demonstrate just how easy it is for anyone to understand …

SCI Solutions Acquires DatStat to Lead Digital Patient Engagement

Medical Design Technology - 5 Apr 2018 23:55

News SCI Solutions (SCI), a patient access and care coordination software company, has acquired DatStat, a leading provider of patient engagement and digital health tools.

How to apply for PRC Board Exam online in 5 easy steps

The combination of SCI's... market-leading patient scheduling, referral management and revenue cycle software with ... Contributed Author: BusinessWire

Nextdoor User Warns of Beer-Seeking 'Detective' That's Just Two Kids in a Trench Coat

Gizmodo - 5 Apr 2018 23:55

Troubling news from the Bay Area.

Kids there have evidently discovered that, if they combine themselves and hide in a trench coat, they can attempt to buy beer. Thankfully, a vigilant user of the...

This Bitcoin Mining Farm Made $17 Million AFTER Expenses in 3 Months!

hyperlocal social network platform Nextdoor was able warn us of the cunning ruse.

In 5.3 magnitude LA quake, this app gave an early warning

Slash Gear - 5 Apr 2018 23:48

Every second counts when it comes to earthquake preparedness, but a few beta app users got more notice than others in today’s 5.3 magnitude Channel Islands quake.

A new app, QuakeAlert, developed by...

Elly yang american bitcoin mining farm & investment bank

Early Warning Labs, is promising to give a vital heads-up on incoming tremors, and in future it could mean getting through natural disasters unscathed. The goal is …

SN Military.Space | DoD elated by budget hike, but good times may not last • USAF ready to 'go fast' in space • Three-star space commander swearing in

Space News - 5 Apr 2018 23:45

After President Trump signed the massive $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill March 23, Pentagon officials have gone out of their way to thank Congress.