Can The Mycelium Wallet Store Other Cryptocurrencies

Can the mycelium wallet store other cryptocurrencies

A lot of people use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies nowadays.

Can the mycelium wallet store other cryptocurrencies

The technology wasn’t exactly user-friendly up to several years ago, but it has evolved. Nowadays, there are many wallets that are smooth and intuitive.

If you want to find one that works on mobile, you’ve come to the right place.

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The apps here will help you easily buy goods with crypto, deposit at the best real money gambling apps, trade currencies, or use your coins in any other way.

The priority is to select apps that are both secure and easy to use. Here are some of our best suggestions.


One of the best options on the market certainly is Mycelium.

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The app is available for both Android and iOS. The main advantage of Mycelium is the seamless interface that allows everyone to quickly learn how to work with the app.

The software also provides excellent security through a bunch of useful features.

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You can generate a QR code for every payment, send your coins to cold storage, backup your data, and perform other actions that will protect your crypto.


Another solid option for Android and iOS users is Coinomi.

The app is the best for users who want a diverse portfolio, as it supports more than 100 different coins.

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You would struggle to find another mobile wallet that offers the same variety.

On top of that, Coinomi includes high-level security through encryptions and other measures such as anonymous backups.

You can rest assured that your money is safe.

Another upside of using this app is the internal exchange that allows you to trade various cryptocurrencies with other Coinomi users.


The next entry on the list also features a huge number of coins and works on both iOS and Android.

Can the mycelium wallet store other cryptocurrencies

Jaxx is a reliable wallet with an intuitive user interface. It’s one of the best for beginners, as you can learn how to work with the app almost instantly.

The transactions are fast and Jaxx made sure that the funds of the users are protected with some of the latest technologies on the market.


The newest app on this list is Airbitz, but that doesn’t mean the wallet is somehow worse than the rest.

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It offers a smooth experience and high-level security that is among the best for mobile crypto wallets. The downside of Airbitz is that it works only with Bitcoin.

If you are looking for a more flexible platform that allows you to operate with other cryptocurrencies, you should probably skip Airbitz.


Unlike the other apps here, Electrum is not strictly mobile software.

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It works on various platforms, but it has native apps for both iOS and Android. The wallet is one of the oldest out there and features some of the strongest security measures available.

Your private keys are protected with the latest available encryptions and there’s the option to retrieve your wallet through a secret phrase, in case of an emergency.

Can the mycelium wallet store other cryptocurrencies

Other key features include the cold storage and the decentralized servers. Your Electrum wallet can never be down, so you will have access all the time.

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Can the mycelium wallet store other cryptocurrencies

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