Best Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet Apps

Best multi cryptocurrency wallet apps

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If you start with #Bitcoin or with #cryptocurrency in general you will soon ask yourself, what type of wallet should I use.

So here are a few Tips:

1. Only Invest that much money you are willing too lose if you start with bitcoin and don't know what you are doing exactly. (The more money/bitcoin you have, the more you should read and know before investing in cryptocurrency.)


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Be your own bank. That means, only use a wallets that give you the control over your private keys.

Being Tricks

For example I would only use Coinbase (or other services like this) to buy bitcoin and then transfer it to my main wallet were I am in control over my private keys because some online services (Coinbase) are are like a bank and they have the full control over money.


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The more money you have, the more you should worry about security. That means, if you only have 1 bitcoin it would be an overkill to have trezor (one of the coolest hardware wallets out there but i cost around 100$).

4. You don't need to stay at one wallet, try them all, play around or use them all together.


Best multi cryptocurrency wallet apps

Always make a backup of your wallet.

For me I use the Ledgerwallet as my main wallet. It is a hardware wallet which is pretty nice and secure for a low price.

Small amount of money I have on my phone for me that are the best wallets on #iOS #Android:


Breadwallet (iOS for me the only Bitcoin wallet for my #iPhone)

2. Mycelium (a great wallet for android and it support the #Ledger so you could use it with an OTG on you phone.)

3. If you several diffrent coins I would use coinomi.


Types of Multi Crypto Wallets:

And if you just need an easy to use bitcoin wallet on you phone try the Bitcoin Wallet it has everything you need to start with Bitcoin.

But of course there are several other wallets, but for me, that are the wallets I trust and they are all easy to use.

Of course you could print out a paper wallet, or use one of the online Wallets but for me is having a small of money on my phone and the rest on a hardware wallet the easiest ways of having Bitcoin.

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And since I am in control of the private key I can restore my wallets If I need too.

And at the end some useful tools for bitcoin

1. once you have some bitcoin, you can trade it into other coins via that site/app


Best multi cryptocurrency wallet apps

Blockfolio to keep track of all your coins:)

3. Of course the steemit App

4. for seeing all the coins and there market value


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Bitcoin Balance is a great little app to check the balance of an address.

Have you something useful about cryptocurrency or bitcoin, leave a comment.

Best multi cryptocurrency wallet apps